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As promised here are 3 things you really should know before signing up for Virgin Mobile or buying one of their no contract phones like I did. Buyer Beware! This is for me the most single and unforgivable thing Virgin Mobile have done to their phones. In this day and age of unlocking phones and content as the norm this behavior will do nothing to win them any fans! Be warned if you live your life on-line with all your appointments in Outlook or Google Calendar. Coming from Sprint with my Windows Mobile 6.

You install from there … But its hit or miss if the app will have an error. I purchased an optimus v and have spent two days trying to get it working. Much quicker! Hacking…much more invasive and devestating than spamming thats for sure.

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Never the less it seems that the general population is more pissed off by spamming than the other, likely beucase they dont fully grasp the rammifications of hacking but spam is just spam…. Great article! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. My Virgin Mobile Hacks Blog. Skip to content. Home About. Try it yourself, Dana, then put it in easier to understand instructs for everyone, as I totally suck at writing step-by-steps. Wow i must say i dont know how yall do all this my hats off to you.. I have been tryiin to do this for literally 15 hours straight i just can not get it.. And having to come back to the page and read then try to return to were i left off I do not see how yall can do this and find this stuff..

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I never even knew that this phone had those capapalities until i stumbled upon this. Although it sounded fairly easy from reading the directions you have posted when i started trying to follow them i kept finding myself lost.. I like to look at myself as. Wow it really takes a genuis you guys great at what you do its alot harder than it looks.. I see that yall are both very busy but if there is any way that either of you could like walk me through this with links and like smaller words that i could maybe understand better it would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you. Sorry about the "big words". I am a bit of a dork so that's how I speak.

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Give Dana a little more time to finish it. Learn how to:. Np broo i could see were people like you and dana are often overlooked and dnt get the credit u deserve even nyself up until trying to make these progams work on my phone would often look at this as a easy task but judging from tryiin it myself for the last 19 hours it is not easy at all yall have obviously put in countless hours and research into finding this stuff and figuring out ways to make itwork and you guys do this for nothing but to help most people would not waist there time if there is nothing in it for them so the least i can do is the two of you know your work is greatly appreciated!!!

And this is gonna sound pathetin takiin tht i read almost all of both ofs yalls post and comments on this topic and spent 19 hours but i started tryiin to do it from the computer i got is far as getting the apps file in my memory card and one of the to files i believe the jad in the apps folder when my computer shut down due to geting knocked over from my dog and it now will not cut bak on!

So then i continued looking for alternatives and seen yalls post then i treid to start doing through my phone sadly i have made it no where i could not even get the first download any help would be greatly appreciated i understand yall are probably very busy so just whenever yall have the time if you could try to help me out a little bit im a bit slower than the rest lol thanks for your time. Alright i will give it a shot.. Do you know if the links to the file organizers and editors or whatever will be posted here?? If not then if there is anyway you could send me a list of the links when you get time it would help ALOT!!!

And once again thanks for your time. With little words and links ha that would be right up my alley!! Since you've been such a nice guy, I will reciprocate return the favor. HERE are my links. ALL are in zipped files. Man thanks i really appreciate it this was really giviin me hell!! Once again hats off to yall for what yall do and thanks for personally taking da time to help me with this it is greatly appreciated! Is it possible to upload pics to Facebook? I've tried the uploader and it doesn't work. Doesn't even let me upload to vmpix. Helio doesn't work.

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  • Can't send a text using the number I've tried everything. I just found that. It gave me an e-mail so I sent a pic to it. Haven't seen it show up yet. How long does it usually take to post a pic?

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    Has "download jar" in menu but I cannot get it to work. Full handler capability. YOUR posts are still welcome, though.

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    TIP: When using Opera5, view vmtouch. Brad, to use the vmpix deal, you have to rename the photo to a nice short name in the picture manager and then upload it to the program. It will work then. One of the easiest ways to upload photos to facebook is to set up your "mobile" stuff on Facebook. Also, you can look in to ping. Willie Pack 4. Willie Pack 7. Example pack 3 Open in new tab, click DL file, Sorry, but you cannot download any files from Xchanger. Mobi with your WEB browser.

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    Have not not tryed installing all apps for direct to phone DL yet but it's usally easier to use PC. I JUST tried to replicate what you described. Sorry I don't have a better answer.

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    Try another browser. DONT understand why you would bother with a pc at all. Sorry for the wait. But its zipped to? How do i use it to unzip the other files? To Willie: Thank you for the reply I usually don't post much on the net but I happen to like the Rumor Touch very much. You seem to be one of the more knowledgeable on the subject, so I have another question for you. Has anyone figured a way to send attachments of a reasonable size KB — 1Mb? Any way of doing this would be great! Via texting, E-mail, or any other way. TX in advance, Kidready.

    Also would like to discuss at your convenience of course the sound issue with video, possibility of video that utilizes the whole very decent screen, and more but for now any help would be greatly appreciated. TX again KR. The only way to send a larger file is to use email. Gmail works great. Go to gmail scroll to bottom choose "basic html" then choose compose.

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    It will then give you a option to attach file from phone memory card. If you go to your photos gallery and use the menu option move multiple i think thats what it is and select move all and it will go to sd card. Let me know if you need more help. After they are installed on the phone then you can use them to unzip any new downloaded files on phone. See Dana's other hub page for more info.