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I have no clue about the updated version mate. It cannot use to hack online server side games. Your email address will not be published. Freedom apk support games list Latest editions of Freedom apk support many android games, apps regardless of server side or not. Web 9. Leave new. Yes it can, edition all capable of hacking these games. The possibility to purchase Gems for real cash is also accesible, easily.

A bunch of social attribute are in addition on board. Friends could be added by means of Facebook or Gameloft Live for the common gift-exchanging and reciprocal island-visiting. Support is in addition built in for sending out notifications by means of both social networks when you level up or do something equally noteworthy. All of these pirate adventures take place in a world that truly feels lively. Pirates with no assigned responsibilities wander your islands alongside interactive animals like turtles and monkeys.

Playmobil Pirates Hack

The lone visual gripe is that the 3D nature of the buildings and a few of the scenery sometimes gets in the mode of tapping on a few of the characters. Pinching to zoom helps, but a rotate function would have been even more useful.

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When it comes to a adviced age range, both my four-year old son and six-year old daughter were interested in trying out different aspects of Playmobil Pirates, but neither could handle all aspects of the gameplay without a few help. Reading is critical for understanding a few of the quests, suggesting that maybe ages 7 and up can handle the game without any adult assistance. At the notably least, parents should not be too distraught about spending a few time in the islands throughout the lengthy quest to bring Blackbeard to justice.

Excellent game I like the game and so do my 4 year old and 2 year old.

They find the game fairly easy to play though the do not use all the features and strategies naturally. One of the first games my 4 year old wants to play on my phone.

Hmmm Its more cool if u can go to the ship of others and steal their treasures and fight using sword then I give 5 star. MidasTouch Huawei YU Good Just wish things didn't go up in price every time I buy something but I really enjoy playing this game even more this Time coz Im doing it social it's good.

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Better on ipad, more bonuses To hard to get gems on Android. Played this game on ipad and within 15 minutes I had around gold piles but zero on Android. A good real time game.

I like playing this game but they need to add confirmation that you want to spend gems or coins. I spend some accidently sometimes when tapping fast to do some of the tasks. In later levels it takes a long time to earn coins to expand your land and buy things but it keeps me interested. In later levels it takes a long time to earn coins to expand your land and buy things but it keeps me interested..

Keeps me amused Worth a look if your into farm games, it has a simular feel but in a more amusing way. Keeps me amused Worth a look if your into farm games, it has a simular feel but in a more amusing way.. The graphics are good and I like lego,so i give 4 stars because the gameplay is a bit lag Anyway,It still good to play. Amazing game but the most fun part of the game,navigate to islands,is hard like hell,even with a very good ship,extremely hard :. I like the way I can keep earning the things I need in order to buy what I want..

Pirate Haven The pirate haven should shoot enemies Awesome game! Ya know, as a huge collector of these toys when I was a kid, having this game resembles that, and this is pretty cool. I know at my age it sounds pretty crazy, but ya can't find any other toy game around like this one!

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A let down. Good game idea, poorly executed. Takes too long to build up coins. Gets boring quickly. Gets boring quickly.. Land, troops too expensive The game is good for passing time but finishing quest is impossible. I've been expanding land for god knows how many times but the quest for land expansion is still not completed. And not to mention how expensive land and troops are. Another problem I encountered is after invasion, I couldn't get the reward eventhough I won.

GL pleasd fix this. So, only 3 stars. So, only 3 stars..

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Great game More bugs need to be fixed, and can't seem to download game onto my sons Samsung tablet. The player is to build his own piratic camp and recruit a crew completing numerous quests and playing mini-games. This is why the game will interest both the game lovers and wide audience.

The game requires a cache download. How to install the game with the cache?