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It offers far more power than most PC laptops, yet is delightfully simple to use.

What’s in the Box?

A new RFS: Unit was acquired as a raffle prize and used only for less than a month as backup phone. Vivo Y85 specs: 6. Brand new Huawei Y6 edition. Comes with box and warranty. No charger cords, no SIM card. RFS: won as raffle prize Christmas , not being used.

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Bnew Napanalunan sa raffle Never been used Check all you want Complete package Slightly nego. Sure Buyers Only. Alabang Festival Mall 2. Pacita Shopwise 3. Bnew leeco le 2 letv le2 leeco letv 2 le2 x not xiaomi redmi realme 3 oppo vivo samsung huawei honor sony. Reason for selling: Got it as a prize from a raffle promo.

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The actual resolution is x , giving it a pixel density of ppi. The display quality is what you would expect from an IPS screen. You get great color reproduction and viewing angles. However, the air gap is pretty thick and you can see how far the actual display is from the surface. This affects viewing angles somewhat, but not at all when viewing the screen head-on. Also, the light leakage is pretty bad.

A lot of LCD panels for mobile displays use edge illumination, and the larger the screen, the brighter the edge illumination has to be to illuminate the whole panel. The Superion Endeavor runs Android 4. However, KitKat 4.

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  5. The only noticeable changes are with the stock wallpapers and this flicker animation whenever you lock the screen or the screen goes to sleep. I took the time to list them down:. KakaoTalk and Opera Mini are pretty useful to some people. After all, you need the Internet to access them and since you can get all of the same benefits and more by going to the Play Store instead, they both seem to be pretty redundant. The best I could do was test call quality through Skype over my home WiFi connection, which was sufficiently loud whether through the earpiece, loudspeakers, or a headset.

    One of the main selling points of the Superion Endeavor is its 8mp rear-facing autofocus camera, which should be pretty remarkable considering most budget tablets only come with lower resolution fixed-focus cameras. Check out some of these sample shots. One area where the Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor really excels is as an entertainment device. The processor and GPU are also capable enough that you can watch HD quality movies without the help of software decoding. Certainly, it also helps that it has expandable storage and USB OTG support so you can quickly access your media library on a micro SD card or flash drive.

    Gaming on the Superion Endeavor proved to be as good an experience as navigating the UI. I ran a few of my favorite testing games on the tablet to see how well it performed and was quite pleased.

    Minion Rush Game Review: Despicable Me! | NoypiGeeks

    The first game I like to test with is Dead Trigger 2 because of its small download size and the ability to dial up the graphics settings in the options menu. On high graphics settings, the game was still surprisingly playable and the controls were still responsive with little drop in frame rates. The HD screen also allows you to appreciate the reasonably well-rendered special effects like lens flares and smoke.

    minion rush on my Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0

    The next game I decided to test with was Despicable Me: Minion Rush, a notoriously heavy game despite its relatively simplistic game play. In a game like this, responsiveness is very important as a mis-timed swipe can easily end a run in the game. Not on the Superion Endeavor.

    The Endeavor was able to render it surprisingly well and actually gameplay performance was pretty good too. As far as batteries go, the Superion Endeavor comes with a rather smallish one. Heck, there are mainstream phones with 3,mAh capacities. It makes for an excellent communications, entertainment and gaming device.

    Navigating the UI is smooth and performs well across all aspects of usage. The Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor is easily one of the best tablets for students and young professionals. Back when I started MobileTechPinoy in , phablets weren't a thing yet. If you're not really a heavy user and only use your phone for texting and occasional web browsing, the battery lasts for about more or less 2 days.

    So all in all I can say that I'm quite satisfied with this phone. Edit: After two months of use, I'm starting to see the cons of this phone. One is the battery has been draining a lot quicker now. I have to charge my phone everyday and I'm not really a heavy user. Another thing is my internal memory is always full and a message prompts me to clear data.

    Minion (Final Fantasy XIV)

    I already removed most of my games and apps but I'm still running low on my internal memory. I have a lot of space in my phone storage and memory card though, the only problem is the internal memory. Also, whenever I listen to music, I notice a static sound and the song lags a lot. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home.