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John and Danny St. John from a nearby dairy farm offer food and shelter in exchange for gasoline for their generators that power their electric fence. The group accepts though remain uneasy about them. While there, Mark is hit by a crossbow arrow from a group of bandits attacking the farm, and Brenda, the brothers' mother, takes him into the house for medical treatment. Lee goes with Danny to find the bandit camp but instead come across a crazed woman named Jolene , who appears to know something about the farm but is killed before she reveals it.

Lee finds a battery-less video camera among her possessions. Still uneasy about the farm, Lee and Kenny discover a butchering room in the back of the barn before they are called for dinner. Lee excuses himself to look for Mark, and finds him near death, his legs cut off. He warns the others that the St. Johns practice cannibalism, but the family overpowers and separates them.

In the butcher's freezer, Larry suffers a heart attack, but before Lilly can administer CPR, the others smash his head, realizing it is too late for Larry and fear being trapped with a Walker. Clementine helps their escape, and they quickly rescue the rest of the group from the St.

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Johns, leaving them to their fate as the electric generators go and Walkers invade the farm. On the way back, the group finds an abandoned car with food and other supplies, including batteries. Lee watches the video from Jolene's player, and finds she had been watching the motel, knowing that the group was safe as long as the St.

Johns maintained their deal with the bandits. Without the St. Johns, the bandits have turned their attention to the motel, and Kenny expresses an urge to move on using an RV he has fixed up. Through Lilly, Lee discovers someone has been slipping the bandits medical supplies. But before he can determine the culprit, the bandits attack, followed by a horde of walkers. The group flee in the RV, forced to leave most of their supplies behind. Katjaa quietly reports to Lee that Duck has been bitten by a Walker. Lilly, furious over the theft, accuses others of the theft and demands they deal with the issue now.

Her rambunctious accusations agitate the group, and Lilly ends up shooting Doug or Carley dead depending on who the player chose to save in Episode 1. They find the road ahead blocked by a locomotive, along with a homeless survivor Chuck. Lee and Kenny look at how to move the train ; if the player kept Lilly with the group, she flees from the others in the RV. Eventually they find the train still in usable shape and heading towards Savannah , where Kenny assures they can find a boat to flee the mainland. En route, Duck's condition worsens, and Lee convinces Kenny to stop the train to deal with him.

Katjaa takes Duck out into a forest to shoot him, but Lee and Kenny realize at the last minute that Katjaa had intended to shoot herself. Lee and Kenny are forced to shoot Duck; the player can choose to have Lee or Kenny do the shooting. After a brief mourning, they continue the train towards Savannah. Ben then reveals that he was the one who had been slipping the bandits supplies.

When they get to a bridge where a tanker car has blocked the way forward, they encounter a dating couple Omid and Christa , who decide to help clear the blockage and offer to join them. Shortly before the tanker car was cut loose, it was revealed that the noise made by the train during the travel to that point caused a large number of walkers to congregate and pursue them, who managed to catch up to the train at this point.

Lee and Omid were able to successfully cut the tanker car free before the walkers got too close; however during the escape Omid injures his leg, though is safely brought aboard the train. As the train nears Savannah, Clementine's walkie-talkie suddenly perks up, with a voice on the other end seemingly aware of the actions of the group so far. The group has made it to Savannah, and is walking through the streets toward the river. However, an unseen person rings a bell in a church, before the man who has been talking to Clementine on her walkie-talkie warns the group to hide as walkers are approaching.

Overrun by walkers, Ben panics and leaves Clementine, causing Chuck to be separated from the group saving her. Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Ben, Omid and Christa make their way to the backyard of an empty mansion, where they break in by digging up a buried dog and unlocking a pet door with its chipped collar. The house is found to be safe, save for a young walker Kenny finds in the attic: a starved and dehydrated boy too weak to even attack, and who resembles Duck.

Lee decides if he or Kenny should kill the walker, and while Lee buries the body with the exhumed dog, he notices someone watching him. Omid's leg begins to worsen, and Kenny wonders out loud if it is time to leave him behind. The next morning, Lee and Kenny head for the waterfront, when another church-bell goes off, luring the walkers away. Reaching the docks, Kenny and Lee finds all boats sunken or stripped for parts. Looking for boats, Lee spots a figure climbing down from a building. The duo attempt to sneak up on the stranger, resulting in a struggle between her and Lee, until Clementine appears and stops the fight.

The stranger introduces herself as Molly , and explains she rings the bells to draw the walkers away from the areas she scavenges. Molly also warns of Crawford : a para-militant, survivalist community that upholds itself by adopting a draconian brand of Social Darwinism. A misfired shot from Kenny's gun during the fight soon attracts walkers, and forces the group to split up.

Lee escapes into the sewers alone, and, after finding Chuck's remains being eaten by walkers, discovers a hidden community of cancer survivors hiding from Crawford's soldiers. He is greeted by Vernon and Brie , the former being a doctor in charge of the group, who at first assume that Lee is from Crawford, and Lee persuades Vernon that he isn't, to show him how to get back to the house, and to give medical attention to Omid. Back at the house, Lee and Clementine discover a shed containing a boat. The boat requires gasoline and a battery, will not accommodate everyone, and Omid will soon die from an infection without antibiotics, prompting the group — along with Vernon and Brie — to head for Crawford for the supplies.

The player can then choose whether or not to take Clementine along. After realizing that Crawford is overrun by walkers, the group hides in an old school, where they find most of the supplies they need. Getting a battery from a neighboring repair garage, Lee returns to the school and blocks the main doors with a hatchet. Rescuing Vernon and Christa, Lee assists them in opening a locked supply closet.

By viewing the recorded medical examinations of Anna Correa, a citizen of Crawford being forced into terminating her pregnancy by her doctor, the group see the doctor input the security code before he is killed by Anna, her actions unintentionally causing the outbreak at Crawford. Watching the optional third tape reveals Molly was a citizen of Crawford, and was trading sexual favors with the doctor in exchange for insulin for her diabetic sister. Lee meets Molly and can confront her about the tape, only for Ben to remove the hatchet from the main doors in order to help Kenny open the armory.

A hoard of walkers from outside then crash through and Molly tries to hold them off; if Lee fails to save Molly and did not bring Clementine, she is separated from the group and forced to flee, leaving her fate ambiguous. Ben finally admits his deal with the bandits to Kenny back at the motel and the guilt he feels, deeply angering Kenny as he indirectly caused the deaths of Duck and Katjaa. Brie is devoured by the walkers as the group escapes through the armory door and up the school's bell tower.

Ben is suddenly snatched by the reanimated leader of Crawford who had hanged himself in on the bell, but is grabbed by Lee before he falls over the edge; Lee can either let him go as Ben tells him to or save him. After making it back to the house, Vernon gives Omid the medicine and talks to Lee in private, offering to take Clementine into his own group, where he claims she will be safer. Lee can either agree or disagree with him, either way, Vernon leaves. If Molly was saved, she decides to leave the group and says goodbye.

Tired from the day's events, Lee sits down to watch over Clementine and falls asleep. When he awakes the next morning, he finds Clementine gone, and discovers Clementine's hat and walkie-talkie lying outside. While reaching for the latter, Lee is bitten by a walker before killing it. Lee is found by the group, and is given the choice of showing or concealing the bite. Determined to rescue Clementine, the player's previous decisions and attitudes towards Kenny, Omid, Christa, and Ben if saved influence who joins Lee in his search.

Alternatively, the player can insist on going alone. Lee and any of the group members joining him then go searching for Clementine at Vernon's shelter, only to find it empty of supplies and people. Suddenly, Clementine and the man contacting her are heard over the walkie-talkie, revealing that the latter has Clementine and is not Vernon.

The man warns Lee to "choose his next words carefully", and the episode ends before Lee responds. Lee continues to speak with the stranger, who claims he hasn't stolen Clementine, but rescued her from Lee. Lee collapses from his bite, and can choose to have his infected arm amputated to slow down the rate of infection. Returning to the mansion, the group finds Vernon's crew has stolen the boat, causing an argument; if Ben was saved, Kenny finally forgives him following an outburst. Making a stand against an incoming horde, the survivors try to hold the mansion, and are ultimately forced to hide in the attic.

Contacted briefly by Clementine, Lee learns she is at the Marsh House Hotel, where her parents were staying. As the group finds a way out, Lee converses with several members, and eventually has a talk with Kenny and Christa, and when offered alcohol. Christa drinks most of the bottle, causing Kenny to realize she is trying to induce a miscarriage, which causes him to snap out of his depression. Breaking through to a neighboring house, the group comes across a couple who committed suicide together, and Kenny reaffirms a hopeful look on survival and admits to blaming himself for the death of Katjaa and Duck.

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The group jumps from a balcony to a rooftop. If Ben was saved in the previous episode, the balcony collapses and Ben is impaled; Kenny refuses to leave Ben and spares him the pain with his last bullet, before he runs off and is assumed to be taken down by walkers. If Ben was killed in "Around Every Corner", Kenny sacrifices himself by helping Christa retrieve Clementine's walkie-talkie, before he is presumably devoured by walkers. With only Omid, Christa, and Lee remaining, the trio reach the coast and attempt to cross rooftops over a sign, however Lee is separated from them, and tells them to either return to the train, find a boat, or meet back together to help save Clementine.

Revealing himself as the owner of the station wagon seen at the end of "Starved For Help", he explains how stealing his supplies resulted in his wife leaving with his daughter, before they were killed by walkers. The man then lists off the player's choices over the course of the game, explaining how Lee's actions make him a monster, and how Clementine is safer if he kills Lee; however, as they are talking, Clementine quietly escapes her locked room as the man starts addressing his wife's reanimated head which he carries around in a bowling bag, giving Lee the option to either attack the man, or allow Clementine to strike and distract him.

Apprehending the stranger, Lee can decide whether to kill him or let him reanimate. If Lee is overtaken by the stranger, however, Clementine shoots him in the head, saving Lee from dying.

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Reunited with Clementine, Lee is ambushed by a walker, who does not attack him and goes for Clementine. Realizing that the walker blood covering him from his earlier fight is disguising him, Lee guts the walker and covers himself and Clementine in its blood, hiding their smell from the walkers, and allowing them to safely exit the Hotel.

Close to death, Lee explains to Clementine he was bitten, and, too fatigued to walk, instructs her on killing a trapped walker and finding another escape route. During an epilogue, a distraught Clementine, mourning over the death of Lee, walks through the countryside, and stops to rest on a log. Noticing two silhouetted figures walking in the far distance, they notice her as she stands, only for the game to end as Clementine decides between calling out or remaining quiet. The game started en-route from Atlanta, Georgia to a prison. When Lee and the police officer get in a car crash, Lee makes his way into the suburbs, where he meets a girl named Clementine.

Then Lee and Clementine are driven by Kenny and his family to Macon, where Lee finds out that his family is dead. Soon after the drugstore his family ran was overrun, the survivors along with other people who were there are forced to leave. Then they decide to stay at a motor inn out of town. Soon in the second episode, they head to a dairy farm with two brothers. Then soon after their family, the St. John family, Lee and the rest of the group leave the dairy and head back to the motor inn, but loots a vehicle parked in the middle of the woods.

Sometime after the second episode, Lee and the now falling apart group were forced to leave the motor inn after bandits attack. They travel through Rural Georgia and they take a train to Savannah, Georgia. Afterwards, the rest of the group has fallen apart. Soon, after Lee sacrificed himself to save Clementine, she is later seen on the outskirts of Savannah, where she spots two mysterious figures.

This is a list of awards that this season has been nominated for or received. Titles in bold have been officially given. The following is a list of all obtainable Achievements and trophies in the game.

Season 1 (Video Game)

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the first season of the Video Game. A version of Season 1 was released for the Nintendo Switch on August 28, Contents [ show ]. Starring Also Starring Uncredited. The Walking Dead Episode 5 Stats. Can someone please close this thread. Tdfern14 wrote: Mrtyrant wrote: Tdfern14 wrote: I see. Have you played the Final Season? I did I wasn't a fan of the storyline involv Mrtyrant wrote: Tdfern14 wrote: Mrtyrant wrote: Tdfern14 wrote: I see.

I did I wasn't a fan of Categories :. Sean Vanaman. Eglee , and Gale Anne Hurd , with Darabont assuming the role of showrunner. The season received very positive reviews by critics. This season adapts material from issues 1—6 of the comic book series and introduces notable comic character Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln , who awakens from a coma , after being shot, in a post-apocalyptic world filled with flesh-eating zombies , dubbed "walkers".

After befriending Morgan Jones Lennie James , Rick sets out to find his family and discover the origins of the walker virus. Robert Kirkman , who created the comic book series in , [6] says he had considered the idea of a Walking Dead television series, but never actively pursued it.

I'm certainly not against adaptations, like some creators. It's an extreme validation of the work Never in a million years could I have thought that if Walking Dead were to ever be adapted that everything would be going this well. I think that that's all because of Frank.

Darabont himself had been a fan of the zombie genre since seeing George A. Romero's film Night of the Living Dead when he was fourteen years old. It had this marvelously attractive, disreputable draw I loved it immediately. I thought it would make a great TV show I loved the idea of an extended, ongoing, serialized dramatic presentation set in the zombie apocalypse. What are you doing with it? She said "I think AMC might be the place to take this. They were immediately interested. I had to credit Gale, her insight into marrying the material and the buyer.

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Darabont's original pilot script was split in half and embellished, making the first two episodes instead of one, " You really want to drag these characters into the equation. Jack LoGiudice also joined the writing team, along with Robert Kirkman, also an executive producer. Principal photography for the pilot episode, " Days Gone Bye ", began on May 15, [10] with the subsequent five episodes beginning filming a few weeks later on June 2.

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All four appeared in his film The Mist , along with Samuel Witwer , [37] [38] who appeared as a dying soldier, [39] and with Thomas Jane , who originally was set to star in the series when it was pitched to HBO. The show's official website released a motion comic based on the first issue of the original comic and voiced by Phil LaMarr. In the documentary, comic series creator and show executive producer Robert Kirkman as well as artist Charlie Adlard expressed that they were pleased with how faithful the show is to the comic and remark on the similarities between the actors and the comic's original character drawings.

But we're going to take every interesting detour we feel like taking. As long as were staying on the path of what Robert has done, I don't see any reason not to. If they have patience we'll eventually catch up to what Robert is doing. The Walking Dead debuted during the same week in countries. The event occurred in twenty six cities worldwide, [50] and were hosted in select locations including the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City , Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. The Walking Dead was included on the cover of the December edition of Entertainment Weekly , which featured Rick Grimes pointing a gun at a horde of walkers.

The first season of The Walking Dead received mostly positive reviews from critics. On Metacritic , the season holds a score of 82 out of , indicating "universal acclaim", based on 25 critics. The site's critical consensus reads: "Blood-spattered, emotionally resonant, and white-knuckle intense, The Walking Dead puts an intelligent spin on the overcrowded zombie subgenre. In response to the season finale, James Poniewozik of TIME magazine gave the first season of The Walking Dead a glowing review stating, "the show has an urgency and bravery that make it something special". The pilot received 5.

The premiere had , viewers, almost double for any other show on FX that week. The viewership dipped during the season then rose to , viewers for the final episode. The sets include all the previous special features, plus brand new extras. In addition to the DVD and Blu-ray release, a limited edition Blu-ray collector's tin contains an exclusive wearable zombie mask from the National Entertainment Collectibles Association designed by the series own make-up artist, Greg Nicotero.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the first season of the television series. Emma Bell as Amy , Andrea's younger, childish and innocent sister; both have a close bond with Dale. Amy is shown to generally care for the children in the camp. Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon , Merle's equally aggressive and volatile younger brother and hunter. T-Dog is a man of honor and duty, who always tries to do what's right by people even if they don't deserve it or he doesn't like it, and is heavily burdened when he makes mistakes and always tries to make it right. Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier , Lori's best friend since the outbreak occurred and the mother of Sophia and the friendly yet soft-spoken wife of Ed.

Andrew Rothenberg as Jim, a mechanic and a quiet yet tortured member of the group, who saw his wife and children killed and eaten by walkers. Juan Pareja as Morales , another member of the group, who knows the city's infrastructure and puts his family first, and is also a fairly optimistic person. She is the older sister of Louis. He is the younger brother of Eliza. His volatile tendencies often put him at odds with the group. Jim R. Coleman as Lambert Kendal, a police officer, who works with both Rick and Shane.

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