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Android 4. Samsung adds its signature TouchWiz Android overlay and animations like swiping between home screens lack the fluidity found in other ICS tablets, like the TF, and the mini app tray that was so useful on the 7. App availability for inch Android tablets still falls far short of the Apple iPad, which has over , third-party apps with UIs designed specifically for tablets. To help remedy the problem, Samsung loads its own app store, which offers up a few hundred well-selected apps. All the same preloaded apps and widgets on the 7. Bloatware is non-existent. The 3-megapixel camera takes better photos than the iPad 2's subpar camera does, but it's still not a viable replacement for a digital camera.

Video recording tops out at p, while the TF can capture full p HD with its 8-megapixel camera. In our test, which loops a video with the screen set to maximum brightness, and Wi-Fi switched on, the Tab 2 That's significantly less than the Transformer Pad TF's 7 hours, 53 minutes.

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Conclusions Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 The Galaxy Tab 2 7. If you have to have a Samsung tablet, go for the 7-inch Tab 2, or hold out for the Galaxy Note Bottom Line: The Galaxy Tab 2 Before joining the consumer electronics team at PCMag, Eugene worked at local news station NY1 doing everything from camera work to writing scripts. Outside of work Eugene enjoys TV, loud music, and making generally healthy and responsible life choices.

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PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Surrounding the tablet you'll find a SIM slot, 3. The rear 8 megapixel cam has a LED flash and can capture p video, while the 2 megapixel lens centered on the top bezel should suffice for those Google Talk Video calls. Software and performance impressions The Tab Nope, no TouchWiz or custom Samsung tablet apps here, and according to Samsung it will stay that way -- it is, in their words, a "Google Experience" device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 official: Tegra 2, Honeycomb, dual cameras (hands-on with video)

We've obviously had a few solid looks at Honeycomb in the past few months and we're excited about the improved user experience, but also the apps, which take advantage of the extra screen real estate. As for performance, the Obviously, Tegra promises full p playback, and the preloaded HD clips on the unit we saw played quite smoothly on the screen. The tablet also has a both a gyroscope and accelerometer so we're expecting a pretty decent motion gaming experience.

Outlook We're starting to notice a pattern with these Honeycomb tablets, and our guess is you are too. Most of them Moto's Xoom and the Toshiba's Tablet have Obviously, the cookie cutter specs are no coincidence -- Google's calling a lot of the shots here -- but it's making it incredibly hard for these companies to differentiate their wares. We won't really know how Samsung's Tab Note: Excuse where we say in the video that other Honeycomb tablets don't have USB ports -- that's not true, the Xoom has one.

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We were high on jet leg. Sporting a large Samsung have produced a stylish, market-leading implementation of the new Android 3. As the tablet market experiences unprecedented interest, Samsung and Vodafone have partnered to cater to customer demand and offer them the perfect way to enjoy the huge variety of opportunities the Android platform provides. The Ultimate Entertainment Experience A The device also includes an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera with Auto Focus and a 2 megapixel front-facing camera which lets users capture experiences with the best-in-market full HD record and play as well as easily share them.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G LTE Review

It is expected that it will be launched in the Asian and European markets by Mar Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab They are going to usher in a Honeycomb Tablet revolution in , and will put significant pressure on Apple and the iPad 2 to keep up. While difficult to identify the true winner in this tablet battle, it does become apparent that there is one clear beneficiary, which is, of course, you, the consumer. Competition is a wonderful thing.

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  • It serves to lower prices of compelling technology, and make it more accessible to all. Both appear to be wonderful devices, and will likely sell very well. While the Samsung Tab We will have to spend some time with both to be able to determine which one really is the better tablet. Undoubtedly it will be less expensive six months from now, and, as usual, early adopters will take take the biggest hit. Stay tuned for more, and let us know which one is the tablet of your dreams in the comments below!

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