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Registration Request 5. Registration Reply Regional FA 3.

Registration Request 4. RR Request 3. RR Reply 4. RR Reply. Agent Advertisement MAA extension 2. RR Request 5. RR Request 4. RR Request 7. RR Reply MN 3. RR Request 6. Registration Reply Move detect 3.

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Registration Request oFA 1. Handoff Request nFA 2. Registration Reply 3. Registration Request oFA Move detect 1. L2 handoff is completed 2. L3 registration is completed, rather than L2 handoff Internet 2. Bi-Casting GFA 2 3. L2 handoff MN MN. If MH is in idle mode, rFA sends a paging request message to its own access network and other FAs in the paging area 5.

After receiving a registration request MH sends a paging reply back to its rFA through its current FA to inform the register FA of its current location 7. When rFA receives a paging reply, it forwards any buffered packets to the MH. MH initiated or network initiated? The process of consolidating these two proposals has recently resulted in a single proposal for fast and low latency handoff for Mobile IPv4, as well as Mobile IPv6.

Ramjee, et.

Mobile IP, and Micro Mobility

Campbell, et. Malki, H. Calhoun, et. Gustafsson, et. Castelluccia, L. Soliman, et.

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    Chapter 1 Overview of Mobile IP

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    Mobile internet protocol ppt

    No notes for slide. Mobile Network Layer 1. Mobile Network Layer 2. It provides protocol enhancement that allows transparent routing of IP datagrams to mobile nodes in the internet. RFC is a reference document for the complete detail about the mobile IP. Quick Solution — — Assign new IP address when enter into new location. Quick solution not working. Also, maintain current location information for the mobile node. Foreign Agent — router on a mobile node's visited network which provides routing services to the mobile node while registered.

    Entities and Terminology Cont. It can be a fixed or mobile node. Home network — it is subnet the MN belongs to. Foreign network — it is a current subnet the MN visits and which is not a home network. This address is topologically correct , and the tunnel endpoint is at MN. Internet , not having info on the current location of MN, routes the packet to the router Home Agent responsible for the home network of MN.

    FA now decapsulates the packets remove additional header Last, MN sends the packets as usual with its own fixed IP address as source and CN's address as the destination. Agent solicitation — the mobile node send agent solicitations messages. ICMP messages are used with some mobility extensions.

    Upper part represent ICMP while lower part represent extention needed for mobility. No — Reg. Lifetime — max. Discovery of new agent can be done anytime. MN send the request directly to the HA and vice versa. Also , a registration procedure for MNs returning to their home network. Packets entering a tunnel are forwarded inside the tunnel and leave the tunnel unchanged. It can be achieved by using encapsulation. Encapsulation is the mechanism of taking a packet consisting of packet header and data and putting it into the data part of a new packet.

    The reverse of encapsulation is decapsulation. IP id.

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    And , CN will cache it in a binding chache. HA return the COA address using binding update. FA new will inform FA old about the new registration. Their are situations where their no infrastructure. Mobiles nodes in an ad-hoc scenario comprise routing and end system functionality. Under those conditions we use multi-hop ad-hoc network when describing ad-hoc networking.

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    • Chapter 1 Overview of Mobile IP (Mobile IP Administration Guide).

    Use of such network — — — Instant infrastructure Disaster relief Remote areas Distance Vector — exchange distance vector to its neighbors for all destination. Damping — Transient change in topology that re of short duration should not destabilize the routing mechanisms.