Iphone heating up after ios update

Your car dashboard gets strong sunlight directly. If the weather is too hot outside and you find the iPhone get hot as well, bring your device to the shade. Let it cool down a bit before you start using it again. Let the iPhone cool gradually. If your iPhone gets hot when charging, stop this activity right away. Observe what happens after the charging activity is stopped.

How To Fix iPhone Overheating and Getting Hot Issue

If the issue disappears, check the cable and its adaptor. Shut down the iPhone by pressing and holding the power button until you see the red slider. Slide it from the left to the right. Wait for a minute and then turn it back on again by pressing the same button for a few seconds. So does the iPhone case. The design and material of the case can cause the problem. Remove the case and leave it like that until the phone cools down.

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Once your device cools down, you can use it again. If you share the Internet connection with the other devices using the iPhone Personal Hotspot, turn this feature off.

It allows you to share the Internet from your iPhone Cellular Data with other devices. If so, it can be the reason behind your iPhone overheating issue. These features will keep searching for WiFi or Bluetooth device around. Go to Control Center by swiping up the bottom of any screen of your device.

Why My iPhone Gets Hot?

Do the same thing with Bluetooth. When you turn On the Airplane mode, all wireless components are deactivated including the ones that may increase iPhone overheating issue. Wait for one minute, then turn it back off. Location Services is a great feature. It can detect the location where you are now. It is super useful when you want to find nearest WiFi hotspot.

My Apple iPhone Is Overheating : Tech Yeah!

This feature uses GPS to find the locations and it will keep searching for it all the time. Your iPhone getting hot? The Battery Usage feature allows you to see which apps eat a lot of battery life and cause iPhone overheating issue. Here are the steps to check Battery Usage on your iPhone:.

How to Fix an Overheated iPhone and Keep It from Getting Hot?

Updating iOS can help you to get rid this issue because it always comes with bug fixes and new features. The iPhone overheating issue may be caused by the bug. The steps to update iOS are:. These settings include the home screen layout, language, keyboard, location, privacy, etc.

Why is My iPhone Hot? Here’s Why & How to Fix a Hot iPhone

This method will erase all data and contents on your iPhone. We suggest you to backup your data before we start the process. Why is iPhone Getting Hot? Free Download For macOS Update iOS Was this helpful? Join the discussion and share your voice here. Here, we will offer you 7 basic tips to solve this problem. Many users tend to use mobile phone cases to protect their iPhone from being damaged by dropping on the ground. But the case also prevent the heat from radiating. The applications you close is still running in the background and making your iPhone get hot. So, you can just quit these apps by double clicking the home button and swipe up the apps to force close them.

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Some applications, especially game apps, are taking a lot of memory of you iPhone and tax the processor, thus, when you keep running your games, your iPhone will get hotter. So, if your iPhone gets hot when you playing games, just stop it for a while and see if your iPhone cools down.

Why is my iPhone 7 overheating after updating to iOS 11 and how to fix it? [Troubleshooting Guide]

If your iPhone gets hot while charging, the first thing is to stop using your iPhone. In case stopping using iPhone cannot make your iPhone cool down, just unplug it and wait for a few minutes to see if it gets cool. Otherwise, you may need to change another Apple cable or charger.