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Note:- a factory reset or hard reset or password reset may only hide data from the Operating System OS , So it appears it no longer exists. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Nokia Reset.

Secret codes for Nokia XpressMusic

February 16, Eric Warlock 0 Comments. Table of Contents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It seems my phone doesn't have problems with crackling sound but when I manage paired bluetooth devices It reboots every time.

Read a lot of reviews about pic quality, music quality. Nokia phones are beleived to handle all rough handling like falls etc. From the reviews I feel its diff for Is it true. I have been using this phone for over 3 weeks and love it very much. Well yes it is not perfect but I do not regret this purchase overall.

My phone came with the older v4. However most of the problems were gone after updating it with the v4. Things that I like: - very slim as a slide phone - amazing QVGA x screen great color and contrast and hardly see "pixels" - excellent java performance loading times, gameplay smoothness etc. The camera is truly 3.

Read reviews, look at sample shots and decide for yourself. Battery life of this phone actually meets my expectations.


Playing music on headphones and with screen off does not really drain battery that much. I don't know if every Nokia all over the world has the same built quality, but mine seems well built. The sliding mechanism is very very good and the keypad never get scratched by the top slider, ever! The music slider key is also very solid and does not feel like it's gonna crack or break off as long as I don't abuse it. As for the battery cover issue - okay it's true you feel like you just broke it everytime you "pry-open" it, but of course it does not really break.

You can ask Nokia Service Center to do it for you. Dushyant Dubey, I advise that you must update your firmware version. You can contact Vodafone about this as your firmware is locked to them. Malcolm, Yeah. But this problem is now fixed on the later firmware. I also suggest that you update your firmware version to v5. Vishesh, Sounds like a firmware installation fault. Maybe your internet connection fluctuated during the update. My suggestion is: Try to re-update the firmware again. Tell us what happened after that. I actually want to reset the factory settings of nokia I entered but its shown code error.

Anyone plz help. I bought this device in august, I switched off the phone, and had problems switching it back on I have them even until now … the phone is not working propertly.. I have tried updating the firmware, but as it was already the newest so i had to reinstall it with the nokia software updater it gave no results anyway.. Try to visit Nokia Service Center and get your phone checked-up. This might be a problem on the OS itself not the firmware. Ask Nokia Service Center near you if they can reflash your phone.

What the use of that if you will be able to see the password then? Subhodeep, Regarding to your firmware inquiry, please refer to this page. But if your playing the radio, its ok?

Secret codes for Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Might as well bring it to the nearest nokia repair center to fix all your problems. To nokia software, this is my comment, i like the unit, but you need to update the application and add stop key. I cant get any of the applications started,except all the program from the phone memory media player, music player, etc because the phone stops responding when i try to open the jar file that i install.

So i think there is an error in the new firmware i think.

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As this will not only solve my own problem. Have installed any IM client on your phone before you updated it? I am not installing any IM client on my phone before updating the firmware. Cuz any program that wanna run is just copying its jar file from computer to the phone or mem card.

N the IM menu usually is only appear in the messaging, but now, i can see the IM in messaging and in the main menu. Before the firmware update, everything is normal. I can run jar file, can boot my phone smoothly, no IM in the main menu. And also I dont quite understand about the online update and offline update. I updated my phone using nokia software updater, and it download the new firmware, then installing into my phone. And everything is a problem until now. I start to think that I want to format my phone memory then install a fresh OS to the phone.

If you want to reflash your phone, better send your phone to the Nokia Service Center. They would likely reflash it for free if the phone is still within its warranty period. Hey, could someone give me full details on how to update offline? My name is sudin. I got nokia My firmware is 3. Sometimes my phn gets blank white n i think its restarting.

Though it does anywhere, mostly it happens when i try to open applications. My frend got same phone n he got newer firmware than mine, i thnk 5. But he also got the same problem. And this phone plays wav sound? If does thn why it says unsupported format in my phone.

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And whats the maximum size of memory card it can take? I am using mb rite now. The phone can take memory cards up to 2GB memory space. I hope I can help to some1. Thanx for the response. I want to know that how can i delete some of the things i got in my phone gallery like graphics n ringtones.

I heard mobiMB can delete it and i have mobiMB 3.

But i couldnot connect my phone with it. It shows nokia but nothing more than that. Please can u help me with it. Thanx in advance. You can connect your phone by registering your phone to the Preferences options. It must prompt you to choose between connections and also try to connect in Nokia Mode or Data Storage. I just have my reflashed from nokia service center.

Before the flash, i get many error like flashing 4 times when trying to switch on the phone, the phone hang during opening any application,n there r an IM menu in the main menu!!!!. Now, after the reflash, everything is back to normal. I can update it over-the-air.