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The two will run side-by-side complementing each other. The animated tiles have helpful information without having to open the app or having to decipher through a long list of notifications. Which makes me wonder if we both should buy iPhones. But on the other hand I want a headphone jack.

I think she does too. Getting an adapter, dongle and or Bluetooth device for each place seems like too much of a hassle to me. It sure would be a bummer to buy a phone now and again in a year or two not be able to use it.

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I want a phone that will last. I'd keep using my Windows Phone if I knew the apps would keep working on it. I imagine any new 4G phone would not become unusable for at least years. If you're not in need for speed faster than 4G, you should be good for awhile. Also, iPhones are notorious for not offering the latest tech read 5G for a year or so after Android flagships.

They are designed to operate together, complementing each other. For a long time, even after both 3G and 4G came out, 2G was all there was in most places. I imagine that something similar will happen with 5G. After several years it will catch up to 4G. And maybe there will be a time that there are more places that have 5G than 4G before the 4G sunset occurs.

Should I and others wait for 5G? Good question. Therefore an early 5G phone may not be as future proof as one would expect. Anyhow, back to my gripe about phone longevity. This has already happened to us 4 times.

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Like when i traded my little Nokia candy bar in for my first Smartphone, the Nokia Lumia However, from what I can research, it looks like any new phone with the latest operating system should last 5 years or better if cared for properly. That seems reasonable to me. Although just about every manufacturer does it. Custom ROM's for Android devicee also greatly prolong the lifecycle of the device software well after the manufacturer doesn't, usually after a few years.

With Android, you also have choice with the Play Store or Amazon for official store options to purchase from as well as have access to plenty of free choices. There are lots of good free apps in the Apple store as well, but you are locked into Apple's ecosystem. Anyone, including review sites can tell you what is best in their opinion but only you can decide what the best choice is for you. If you are looking for a cheaper option. You can find some decent deals on there, especially with new Samsung flagship devices coming out soon.

I did what you are doing more than 7 years ago But, alas, Windows Mobile phone died I had been hacking my phone for years to customize the color of the apps, backgrounds, etc. Double UGH! Though, Android is now super user friendly, it still offers customization to all levels of expertise or not. You can upgrade the software, but the hardware is what it is. Furthermore, you said you sometimes are beyond the reaches of towers Apple does absolutely everything by syncing with their cloud and if you want more room on your phone you must upgrade while most android phones have sd card slots so you can take it all with you.

Apple phones EAT data because they're always getting your info from the cloud. One thing I would like to know is if there is any way to "test drive" some of these phones. Any suggestions? I keep hearing how customizable Android is. But that means about as much as telling me how many seat positions a car has. It may be something I really like and feel I really need once I try it.

But until I've tested it out myself I have no real idea of why I would need it. Not so much test drive out of demos in stores and borrowing friend's phones, but YouTube unboxings and reviews might help a little. One aspect of Android that is always an option though, is Nova Launcher. Regardless of the Android device you have, Nova Laincher offers you the ability to configure the launcher however you want and can basically emulate any devices look and feel easily enough.

If you have the cash, Amazon might be the best option to try different devices thanks to their excellent return policies. BestBuy usually has more phones on display with working demos. As far as I could research it is a midrange phone with average midrange specs. It seems to support most all of T-Mobile's bands and frequencies with the exception of band 5.

But seeing how those phones are aimed more towards countries other than the US, I can't find any unlocked versions of those phones that have support for more than one or two of T-Mobile's bands, if any, and bands 66 and 71 are never included. But the good thing about the mediocre specs of the Moto G7 Power in comparison with these other phones is that I'm not needing a high spec phone. As long as it runs my apps, I don't care if it has a Snapdragon , LCD display and mediocre camera. The good I saw about the phone is of course the battery life. It looks like 3,mAh to 4,mAh is considered about average, so the 5,mAh of the G7 Power is better than average.

And supposedly it's lower spec processor and screen also increase battery life. Another good thing is that it's running stock Android with apparently zero bloatware.

It comes with 9 Pie and will very likely be upgraded to 10 Q food name? But it probably won't be upgraded past that version of Android OS. But it still will likely receive security updates for several years to come. It's life expectancy is around 5 years, about a year less than an iPhone.

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But it seems that Motorola phones tend to drop in price not long after inicial release. I still have to compare this phone against some of the other T-Mobile phones, but it looks like I'm interested in it. I'll let my wife decide what phone she wants for replacing her Windows 10 phone.

She may want an iPhone. As far as me trying phones hands on I do live at least 3 hours from the nearest T-Mobile store. But I still have until December before our current phones lose free support from Microsoft. Apparently we could continue to receive support from Microsoft for a fee after that! And by that time we will have ventured into the city on quite a few occasions, so we'll be able to look at the G7 Power and other phones in person.

Most of my family and friends all have iPhones or the most expensive Samsungs. So I don't know what kind of help I'll get from them as far as trying out phones goes. Just keep an eye out for your faves. AND that you need two phones can end up working to your advantage! That sounds like a good idea!

At least I have time to look this stuff up. This is why I'm starting to look now, about 10 months from the end of Windows Phone more or less, depending when app support ends for key apps. Another thing that pops up in my mind. What about 5G? Would it be worth it to wait until 5G phones come out? Not that we need a lot of data. We're still on a 2GB per month Simple Choice plan. Of course on the other hand, once 5G comes out I would guess the price of 4G phones would drop.

Although a matternof oersonal opinion. They take forever to get updates!

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The V30, which was their last decent phone in my ooinion, will be lucky to get Android Pie by July of this year. LG's skin of the Android UI is very hit and miss with people. I like it but most don't seem to. It is heavily themed and has a built in theme engine to easily change the look of the device. All if the newer LG devices have a notch where the V30 doesn't. The V50 will bring back the stylish and notchless look of the V30, but that won't be coming out until the holiday season.

It supports band 71, has an excellent rear ultra-wide degrees camera, and is actually worth it for that price and not too bad to spend on a devics to see if you actually like the Android platform enough to stick with it.

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  • In total I've owned two Android devices, both tablets. One was the LG G-Slate. It was never updated from Android 3. I replaced that with a Samsung Tab 3. I made the mistake of letting the battery die on it one day and I never could get it to turn on again. I bought both out of warranty so my money was lost. I still have both sitting in a drawer somewhere. From then on I went all Windows, both with phone and tablet. Obviously that may have nothing to do with modern phones.

    But my past experience does kind of turn me off from LG and Samsung, and even kind of makes me not want Android all together. But I don't like Apple either. One source said Android 5 Lollipop was still supported and getting security patches and such. Another said that only Nougat, Oreo, Pie and the soon to be released 9 Q are still supported. My favorite App still supports Kitkat.

    What I don't like about it is its big size and the short year or two of security updates it will get. But for the price, it's not a bad deal compared to other smartphones. The Pixel 3A is attractive to me simply for the longer 3 years of security updates and the larger 64GB internal storage since internal always seems to work better than SD cards. But 64GB is still a bit small for me, and there's no SD card slot on this phone.

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    So it's a more-internal for less-external compromise. I might enjoy the better photos on the Pixel 3A, but I'm not much of a picture taking kind of guy. My wife is the photographer in our family. So she may go for either Pixel, but she also has an iPad and a lot of Apple using friends. We may go for a payment plan this time.

    Both of my kids think the camera on the LG Thin7 is great. It was this whole short support life on Android that pushed me to Windows Phones in the first place. As far as security updates go, an OS update may not necessarily be needed to secure the phone. Often security updates don't change the Android version at all.

    That's good to hear that LG is still pushing updates and even version upgrades after 3 years.

    I do understand that versions and security updates are different things, and that Google makes security updates available for their current versions of Android monthly. Then phone carriers, like T-Mobile, take those custom operating systems and further customize them. Instead, each phone manufacturer has to first integrate the new update into their custom operating system. This is why updates, like version upgrades but also security updates, are pushed by carriers and can be delayed from the original update months or even over a year later.

    For an example, how long was Oreo and even Pie out by the time you got Oreo on your daughter's phone? The only phones guaranteed to get security updates are the ones on the Android One and Enterprise programs. But even they only have to commit to 2 years of updates pushed only once every 3 months. Pixels are said to get timely updates for at least three years.

    This is so different from Microsoft and Windows, where you can go to their support page and see exactly how long each of their operating system versions are going to be supported and updated.

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    I know the exact date when my Windows Phone is going to lose support, December 20, I know when Windows 7 and 8. They all receive the same updates at the same times. I do understand there is a work around for Android devices, namely rooting the phone and installing a custom ROM, which is something I might try. Well, I tried it and made a mistake by flashing an older version of some recovery software instead of the newest version called TWRP v3. Otherwise it's a tie between the Motorola G7 Power, the Google Pixel 3A and the iPhone XR, all of which seem to work out to the same price-per-year if you figure on keeping the phone until it's no longer supported.

    I wonder how many other people brick their first Android phone the first day they get it. Maybe I set a new record. That is half the fun of getting a new toy! Soft-bricking is easy to fix though but some LG devices can be a massive pain. I hard-bricked a V30 on purpose to save others from making that mistake. It's one of those things where people don't believe it will happen until someone proves it, so I did! I posted my problem on XDA Developers but in 3 days only got 30 views and no replies. I guess this phone is old news to most people. But it would be nice to have someone hold my hand through this so to speak.

    The frustration train has been building on for a few years now. So what else actually got improved? But honestly, has anyone in the last few years ever complained about their new iPhone feeling slow? More durable glass and slightly faster Face ID unlocking? The new iPads have USB-C, and so do new Mac computers, but if you want to connect an iPhone to either of them, now you need a different wire. Why does asking for one cable that works with everything have to feel like summoning hellspawn? Dog, for real? Also, when you spread those pixels across a 6. Want to change the way your icons look?

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