Ios 6.1 personal hotspot disappeared

So, check out if there is an update from the carrier pending. If there is the latest update, you will get a prompt to update the carrier.

If you are still struggling to get rid of the issue, try this trusted solution: reset network settings alone. I guess this issue could also be due to a miscellaneous bug. Therefore, updating the iPhone can be worth a try. I say it because Apple often introduces several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Method 1: Restart Your iPhone

Now, if there is an update available, download and install it right now. This enables Personal Hotspot automatically once you install the profile certificate. Assuming you have finally got the better of the issue. So, which one of the above tricks worked for you?

Besides, if you could resolve the problem by trying out any other solution, tell us about that as well. Tips to Fix This. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Last Updated: July 8, pm. Before I updated to 5. Jailbreak could solve the problem?!! Same here mariana… Iphone4 IOS 5. Dear all. Same situation. The phone works weel except internet tethering! Same ideas? Same thing here all the above recommendations has been used but still not working , I am on IOS 5. I have an iPhone 4 and after upgrading to iOS 5. I tried resetting Network Settings, but what worked for me was the Internet Tethering option.

Thank you for the tip. Im also a 4s iphone user I updated my phone to 6. Changed the name of the phone and reset network settings. I changed the name of my iPhone. PH has worked till I arrived home.

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But when I used my home wi-fi router the PH missed again. Any tips? Another common reason for this is Onavo.

Missing Personal Hotspot in settings iphone 4s

Disabling the service usually brings Personal Hotspot back. Onavo acknowledges this issue on their website. Onavo is the culprit! They should advise users before installing! If they know this is an issue, this is scandulous. Updating to iOS 5. Hi, had the same problem. Once activated once, it will be appear under settings between Wi-Fi and Notifications again. Hope this helps…. Now my Hotspot is back where it belongs c: Thank You! Hi I have unlock my I phone 4 s and now I have lost personal hotspot what can I do know plz help me thx.

I recommend all other Iphone users who have the same problem in this regard, to try this option!!!! I had the same problem, when trying to fix it all of the forums advised the same as above look for network. On my phone network was also missing. After resetting to factory default I had the same problem so started to checking through all of the settings options and discovered how to turn on the hotspot.

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How To Enable & Fix Personal HotSpot on this account Contact Carrier Issue iOS 8 iPhone 6 or 6 plus

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Snarikim says:. August 25, at am.

Option to enable Personal Hotspot on iPhone 5 disappeared!

Saurabh says:. Rith says:. August 19, at am. Some of the links and information provided in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. If you have a question please post a new topic. Chriss Level 1: Cadet. April Personal hotspot capability removed from iPhone. Share Facebook Twitter Email Permalink. You must be signed in to add attachments. Email me when someone replies. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Was this helpful? Yes it was, thank you No, I still need help. Cynner Level 2: Rookie. Re: Personal hotspot capability removed from iPhone.