Are virgin mobile phones compatible with at&t

You first have to go through a few hoops to get your phone unlocked. But once you get it phone unlocked you can go to any compatible carrier you want! Verizon claims that all their 4G LTE phones which use a SIM card are all unlocked and there is no code or process to take it over to another carrier. Like Verizon, Spring uses an older CDMA technology which may limit where you can take your phone to after you unlock it. If those phones support 3G bands of , , and , then it should work just fine. Will this phone work with this connectivity please?

I've asked the ATT store and they say 'yes' I'm a Blackberry fan and presently have a Classic. What Ive read is the initial Keyone versions were notorious for having their screens popping off. My questions are :.

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It is our understanding that Blackberry has addressed all known issues. This smartphone features a BlackBerry physical keyboard with touch navigation and a built-in fingerprint reader below its 4. The 32GB of built-in storage can be augmented using a microSD card for additional space. A wide array of connectivity options, including Note: This device is designed to work on the Verizon network only. Please confirm with Verizon that it can be activated on your plan before purchasing.

Hello, If I buy an unlocked phone will I be able to transfer my current phone number over from my att account? It is called "porting.

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Hello, I would like to buy Samsung galaxy S5 unlocked. This phone will work with most major Indian cellular carriers, but does not offer LTE band 40 which some carriers employ. Does anyone know if it will work?

I do not want to order just in case it doesn't work! Thank you xx. I forgot to say that I am in the US! I have a feeling it will work but still wanted to double check! Skip to main content. Better Phone Selection There may be a phone you like that a carrier doesn't sell in its retail store. ZTE Axon 7. Moto Z. Sony Xperia X Compact. Samsung Galaxy S7. Huawei Mate 9.


Huawei Honor 8. Moto G. Related Articles. Buying Guide. The 5 Best Adventure Drones. Brett Smith. Huawei Honor 8 32GB Smartphone. Used Cell Phones. Merry Z.

ATT vs Virgin Mobile (Sprint network) 3G Speed Comparison

Reply Reply. Ray M. I'm eyeing to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S10 I've owned Galaxy s7, s8 my carrier has been Verizon If I get the Galaxy 10 unlocked, will Verizon activate it without any issues and full phone features? Will I have to open a brand new phone to install Verizon's sim card , that seems a little far fetched Don't want to ruin a brand new phone. Geoffrey N.

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Jack E. Jon J. Deborah E. Susan K. If the phone is GSM only, it would not work with Verizon. Ricky S. Will a moto z phone from verizon work with my tracfone gsm sim card? Mark S. Ray L.

What phones are compatible with Twigby service?

Nancy S. Greta P. Brenda M. Honest Z. Daniel S. Roshan G. This is the info they have provided on their site: Network enhancements will make it easier for more Canadians to bring their own phones to Freedom Mobile and enjoy the full benefit of fast LTE. Yes, this phone would be compatible with this network. The phone just arrived yesterday and it is working beautifully on 4G LTE! Vamsikrishna I. Mohammed Hasan. Yes, this phone would work in Bangladesh with Grameen. Gene Tuma. My questions are : Has the problem been corrected , and what is and who maintains the Blackberry warantee in the US.

I want to move forward ASAP. Manzell L. Juan Carlos Ven Latest Discussions Bill K. Dayve W. Tracking your spending by hand is tedious. Throw away your paper budget and sign up for NerdWallet to make managing your money easy. If you bought a subsidized phone on a two-year contract, and that contract is up for renewal, you can unlock the phone. If you paid for your phone on an installment plan and completed paying for that plan, you can unlock the device. In all cases, your account must be in good standing, which means there should not be any outstanding bills or illegal usage.

Some websites may charge a fee or ask for personal information to tell you whether your phone is unlocked. Borrow a phone from a friend whose wireless carrier is different from yours.

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If not, move onto the next section. Each carrier requires a phone call or a visit to its webpage to start the unlocking process. Verizon: Call