Android kindle move books to sd card

Harry2 Extreme Android User. Jun 3, 5, 1, Black Forest. Darkflame1 likes this. Thank you. Found it. Not sure what I can do with it, but at least I can back it up. Any thoughts on THAT? That's pretty much what I thought. So, if my Android phone completely tanks, can I re-download it for free to my next Android phone? And, also download it for free to any or all of my Android pads? Can I also log in to Kindle or Amazon on my iPhone and re-download it for free? Yes to all Harry. Nov 19, 12 3 SteveCampsOut likes this. RockinRita03 Lurker. SteveCampsOut Member.

Dec 26, 1 0 5. Bruce Duncan Lurker. Dec 27, 1 0 15 Male. StanBarr Lurker. Nov 5, 2 0 15 Male. Poiboi Lurker. I have deleted the ebooks folder from the internal storage and it removed all the books from the app. Is there a way to just keep the books on the memory card where the app is located? I am down to 1. Yes I have tried that. I have been trying for a week to move pictures from internal storage to sd card with no luck. I did download ES File. Tried cut and paste but had to cancel operation after 30 minutes. Not one photo moved. Any help will be appreciated.

Note also that the instructions do not contain any reference at all to storing non-downloaded music to the SD card. This is a deal breaker to me. My SD card is MY multi-device storage hardware unit, and Amazon has no right to decide what I put on it and what I do not, and certainly no right to delete MY files from it without my permission. It is technically illegal and if someone decided to sue them I am sure they would win, but who is going to do that over something so unimportant as mp3 files?

It is easier to just buy something else. For those of you who are stuck with this insidious device, the solution to preserve your mp3s is to remember to eject the SD card before shutting down, and then re-insert it after startup. Every time. You can try changing the name of the folder or use this method to prevent manually copied music from disappearing on Fire tablets. Can it support apps downloaded from google playstore.

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For example when I moved a mb game it took only 54mb into the sdcard. Can I take the scandisk card from my fire tablet put it in a usb card reader and then view and play downloaded videos and movies on my laptop?

I have a kindle 5th generation and have bought a Scandisk gb class 10 Micro SD card. When i try to download films onto the memory disk, the button is greyed out. In settings I have the option set up to download direct to micro card but it does not, it only downloads onto the kindle. Any ideas? Does the micro card need formatting first? I am now left with a 64GB micro sdcard that is practically useless for storing anything other than Amazon apps, amazon tv or amazon videos.

What a waste of money. I have tried everything. I just found that out myself. Amazon is very frustrating. How do you organize videos on an Amazon Fire tablet 5th edition? I put them on the SD card insert into the tablet. Is there a way to make SD card default save spot everything I download from silk is saved to tablet. Have bought dozens of books and movies which went to the card. Today, I powered up and the thing and -NO card!!! Lol it in and it doesnt. This is maddening!!! Any expert out there understand this? Question: If apps slow down your system the more you have, is it faster after you add all your apps on to a SD Card?.

Because your system should have more free room to run around in. In theory, yes. But the apps still store stuff on the Kindle itself, so the more apps you have, the more room you take up on your device. I put a smaller microSD card in my Fire and the Fire automatically used it. Now I have a larger microSD card I want to use instead. I just got a new fire and was trying to find the right sd card. I had one in the past and I had close to 40 gb of pdfs in total. Average one is a few hundred pages but some are as high as k pages. The last time i had no idea about the different types so i think i got the cheapest card.

Most of what i see online is about loading or writing to the card. What speed would you recommend for this? Or will I see a difference in the speed of opening and loading the documents? But can I download Netflix movies to the card??? And I just found what was the answer at one point. Next question…if I download the movies to my card directly, and then insert, will they play on Fire? Make sure your SD card is properly installed.

You have to push it in with your finger nail it something thin. It should stay securely in with out the cover on. If you can close the cover without the SD card installed, you can close the cover with the SD card installed.

Supported MicroSD Cards

I have an issue with moving any files from internal storage to my SD card. Also I cannot install any apps to my SD card. Installs just fine to internal storage. The card is a gb Amazon sponsored, exFAT formatted. I tried both ES browser and settings to try and move the files. I have the Amazon Fire 7 tablet. Amazon says that anything downloaded to the SD card can only be accessed by the parent profile.

How do you view apps downloaded to the cloud? And how do you move things from the cloud to a microSD card if there is a way? How can I free up more space??? Amazon Kindle , How To , Tablets. Julie Reply October 6, at pm. Great and helpful information. Rick Reply December 24, at am. Quantus Reply October 7, at pm. Thanks Nathan!! Great guide. Shame on the few vendors that do NOT support expandable storage. Nathan Reply October 15, at am. Any workaround for this for now? Nathan Reply October 15, at pm. Patt Reply September 1, at am.

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How can I move my purchased kindle books to my SD card

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Amazon Kindle for Android allows you to store ebooks on the SD card

Sonia Reply December 20, at pm. JohnS Reply December 20, at pm. Sonia Reply December 22, at am. I guess I was just asking for clarification of the above questions. Is that correct? Nathan Reply December 22, at am. Keven Reply December 22, at pm. Nathan Reply December 23, at am. Tammy Reply December 23, at pm. Nathan Reply December 24, at am. Jaci Reply December 26, at pm. Nathan Reply December 26, at pm. Maybe the card needs to be formatted first? Alisha Reply December 27, at am.

How To Move Apps and Games to your External SD Card! (FolderMount Tutorial)

Nathan Reply December 27, at am. No, SanDisk cards are one of the best but just about any microSD card brands will work. Thank you. Steve Reply December 29, at pm. Jen Reply December 31, at pm. Amy Reply January 7, at pm. Nathan Reply January 8, at am.