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  • Multi-targetting .Net Framework and .Net Core in a single project.

Just wanted to point that out. Finally, finally, finally. I've been wanting to port my libraries for a while and this is the first article that really helped me get there. Stefan - Maybe it's just for. I didn't check for. Thanks you for this information Rick. I was looking over the Cake project and this really cleared things up for me with regarding to multi-framework solutions.

Rick - You and Stefan are talking of different things look at his screenshot : he is talking about the dropdown box inside the editor while you are talking about the target framework dropdown box on the project property page. Felix - that dropdown only controls what you see in the editor, not what the project is actually using for compilation. It's useful as you can edit code and see the appropriate Intellisense and error information in the editor, but it won't affect the build process for example when running tests.

For example, try changing the dropdown and then run a test that steps into code - if the platform specified in the. Finally somebody actually saying the elephant in the room that as you pointed out it was unusable in a real world enterprise scenario. I can't seem to find the right settings. This was all oworking very nicely using 1. Rick, great post sorry I'm late to the party. I've been in the process of porting several of my libraries to. NET Core and I had been struggling with the idea of doing multi-targeting. In any event, your post was incredibly informative and I was able to breeze through a couple conversions relatively smoothly.

Invariably, I've run into the myriad of things that we "depend" on that aren't available under as nuget packages and have made adjustments. Thanks a bunch! I am able to set multi target frameworks as. Net Framework 4. After build I am getting 3 different DLLs. What has kept me from deploying.

Thanks Rick, this was very straightforward and helpful and I wish I would have found it much earlier in my journey here than I did! At least I learned a few more things chasing down alternate paths!

Change target framework to netstandard · Issue #1 · RickStrahl/ifycazan.tkCore · GitHub

Hey Rick -- so helpful! I've been wanting to convert my CommonFramework libraries to. NET Core and typically got waylaid by the effort and other demands. NET 2. You hit everything I needed to get going quickly. I love the multi-targeting vs using a. NET Standard library in a. NET Framework project -- it's exactly what I wanted to do.

Thanks again. I think you were brought in for some FoxPro consulting at the time. I've casually followed your writings since then and have gleaned many useful ideas.

Blog by Ajay Matharu

Thanks for your contributions to the. NET community over the years! I need to port in a standard System. Soap library, but it is not compatible, what can I do? Thanks for a great article! I have a dotnet standard 2. It'll automatically create a Nuget package for all the targets you include in the project as described here.

Is it possible to change the name of the DLLs by putting the framework version at the end Ex: myconectionNet You know I'm not sure if you can change the name of the assembly in an SDK project. I think the project is what determines the output of the package. You could however rename the file after build and that should work - there's nothing magical about the file name as it's just a container for the binary module.

For each framework version, I changed the AssemblyName of each output.

So I can get a file with a different name for each version of the framework. See below how it was:. I've been fiddling with this for days, I couldn't figure out how to add reference assemblies to full framework. Needed to read this post and learn how to hand write the proj file.

Step 1: Upgrade all the projects in your solution to target at least .NET Framework 4.7.2

This is SO much better than msbuild something I've sadly learnt in it's entirety, never getting those months back. Bug: NuGet's upgrade doesn't work, it tries to install the package to all the Dependencies. Just use text editor to edit the version numbers. Does System. Transactions work in netStandard1. If not, anybody know why? Ad-free experience sponsored by:.

Share on:. On this page:. Is this content useful to you? Consider making a small donation to show your support. Posted in. Will June 23, NET Library to. Anyway wasnt sure if you had any ideas about that. Thanks for the good write up! Rick Strahl June 23, Stefan Matsson June 25, Rick Strahl June 25, Stefan Matsson June 26, Rick Strahl June 26, Stefan Matsson June 27, Kori Francis June 27, Rick Strahl June 27, SteveGTR June 28, Felix August 14, Rick Strahl August 14, YipYip August 21, What a nightmare. Mark D September 06, Aaron October 23, Somesh Chatterjee January 04, Any suggestion will be a great help for me.

With Regards. Fallon February 09, Has anyone found an easy way to do this? It rarely gets talked about for some reason.

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  • Multi-Targeting and Porting a .NET Library to .NET Core - Rick Strahl's Web Log;
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Paul Schroeder February 23, Mike Jansen March 14, Antonio Lucas August 24, Mani September 06, Rick Strahl September 06, Reginaldo Villela November 09, Congrats for article Reginaldo VIllela. Rick Strahl November 10, Reginaldo Villela November 13, I did the following to solve my problem. RoboJ1M December 06, This is SO much better than msbuild something I've sadly learnt in it's entirety, never getting those months back I think this post is slightly out of date now?

Deven Roberts June 11, NET Framework projects, the Add Reference dialog box disables system assemblies that do not pertain to the target. NET Framework version so that they cannot be inadvertently added to a project.

Upgrading Projects to .NET 4.6

System assemblies are. NET Framework version. References that belong to a framework version that's higher than the targeted version will not resolve, and controls that depend on such a reference cannot be added. If you want to enable such a reference, reset the. NET Framework target of the project to one that includes the reference.

For more information about assembly references, see Resolve assemblies at design time.

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When you target the. NET Framework 3. Core and a project-level import for System. Linq in Visual Basic only are added automatically. The reference and import are removed automatically if you change the target to an earlier. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast. Profile Sign out. A Visual Studio solution can contain projects that target different versions of.

Tip You can also target applications for different platforms. Note Framework targeting does not guarantee that your application will run correctly. You must test your application to make sure it runs against the targeted version. You cannot target framework versions below.

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NET Framework 2. Note If your code contains references to a different version of the. It means currently this application can run on. We can include multiple monikers for multiple frameworks here, in order to target multiple frameworks. Here, we will support two more frameworks. NET Framework 4. So include net40 and net46 monikers respectively as shown below.

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Look at TFMs for all supported target frameworks here. As soon as you save the above. NET 4. Now, open program. As you can see above, to write framework specific code, use symbol with condition for. NET framework moniker and replace the dot with an underscore and change lowercase letters to uppercase. To run the application for specific framework, click on the run dropdown and select a targeted framework as shown below.