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When you can and can't check your phone

There are all sorts of places which are not public roads but which are accessible by the public. Stuart Layt covers health, science and technology for the Brisbane Times.

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He was formerly the Queensland political reporter for AAP. Would you like a fine with that?

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  7. What you'll be fined if you text and drive:.

Motorists repeatedly caught texting or using their mobile phone while driving will face stiffer penalties under changes being rolled out by the Queensland Government this month. Queensland drivers caught using their mobile phones behind the wheel twice or more during in a year will soon face a double demerit point penalty. This could mean massive fines and even a loss of your licence, particularly if you are a P plate driver.

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  • The new laws come after the worst Easter road toll in Queensland in more than 20 years. What is the current penatly for using a mobile phone whilst driving? I have an ipod in my car which I can use as a GPS, to play music, and to send messages. One reason is that if the Act meant literally a phone, then excluding CB radios would not be necessary. As for driving without due care and attention, that is an offence under the Transport Operations Road Use Management Act Qld s That section says:.

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    • Any person who drives a motor vehicle on a road or elsewhere without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or place is guilty of an offence. So a police or emergency services officer could be charged with careless driving for using a phone, even though he or she could not be convicted of the specific offence of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

      Using two-way radios and mobile phones whilst driving in Queensland – Australian Emergency Law

      Both careless driving and using a mobile phones are offences contrary to Queensland law and there are equivalent offences in every other state and territory. Points: a during a holiday period: 6; b other than during a holiday period: 3. Modified penalty: 8 PU. Seeing a vehicle on the road which is slow to react to other vehicles, unable to maintain a consistent speed, or centre themselves in their lane is very common now.

      From tomorrow, drivers repeatedly caught using phones to lose double the demerit points

      Its taken decades and a generation to get workers to think about WHS as a routine part of work. Perhaps a focus on improving education would be more effective than more penalty units, as many my son included were taught by professional driving instructors to pass the test, but not how to drive safely. I had to send him to a reputable defensive driving course for that. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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