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The main one is the use of those pull-up tray menus. On the Torch, you can swipe from side-to-side and pull the menus up and down as much as you like.

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For existing Bold users, the first impression might be that an extra step is involved with getting into the menu - previously a press of the menu button would open your menu so you could scroll to the application you wanted, now it opens a menu, offering to open another menu. Start typing and the Bold starts returning results. You can customise what you want it to search, and what you want it to offer by way of results, and it is a really powerful tool. It pretty much is only possible with a permanent keyboard too, as touchscreen-only devices will need you to open something or select something first.

It makes it really easy to pick up a conversation or message stream, without entering messaging and scrolling through the list, or performing a search in that application. The homescreen of BB 6 is much more usable than the rather static BB 5 screen. It has always conveyed a great deal of information sound profile, battery, time, date, networks, connection status, message indicators from various core apps but now this information is better managed and more useful.

It is divided into five selectable areas. The sound profile is very much as it was before, but now the message display can be opened to give you a quick overview of messages and calendar entries, so you can click through to what you want. The final area lets you manage your connections cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , set alarms, as well as providing direct access to settings for connections.

There is the potential for a lot of duplication of applications - not only can you get to an app by searching for it, but it will be in All, Downloads, Frequent and possibly in Favourites too. The inclusion of a Media tray means you can swipe across to get to video, music, your pictures, podcasts, ringtones and video camera.

The resolution of the screen means there is detail in the video you do opt for and the external speaker is very good, having more body than many other rivals. This makes it a great device to use on speakerphone, as well as watching a little video in your hotel room. BlackBerry App World is a little lacklustre without the strength or depth of the major rivals. There is a lot of obscure paid-for content, and the addition of new and exciting applications is a little slow.

So, for the immediate term you have the basics covered, but the full experience is yet to arrive. The browser is one of the biggest changes however, and one of the most dramatic improvements. Previously the browser was slow to load pages and often stopped mid load.

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The new WebKit browser is much better placed to deliver pages, offering up tabs and a much faster experience. The BlackBerry family is really about communication and central to this is the email experience. BlackBerry has always been a smart choice if you are a big emailer because of the ease of setting up your emails, the instantaneous delivery and general no nonsense experience. In recent years the BlackBerry has become equally adept at dealing with your personal email as it has at handling the corporate email that brought it into favour.

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ShutUp Camera – Silent Camera Mute v1.1.1

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How to find your Model. Built for BlackBerry. Look for the Built for BlackBerry badge to identify apps and games that deliver the signature BlackBerry 10 experience.

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Built to keep you moving, apps and games with the Built for BlackBerry designation provide the seamless performance and integrated experience you've come to love. Displaying info for. Select your device and location.

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