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The launcher also lets you view and scroll between panels in 3D by tapping the middle button on the dock bar. You can see a popping moon, 3D preview of your messages, a 3D clock, a 3D cake, and much more. But, with all those smooth 3D animations and display, I could say that this launcher is definitely worth paying for. But, instead of getting pre-filled workspaces, you have to customize and fill them yourself. Aside from separating each workspace, you can also give it a unique name. You can create a dedicated workspace for game apps or a page for your appointments. You can also make individual workspaces unique by attaching a different background to each workspace.

You can have a variety of backgrounds on your homescreen with the Regina 3D Launcher. The Regina 3D Launcher also allows you to scroll between your workspaces in 3D view. You will also see the reflections of each panel as you scroll through different panels in 3D. You can enable or disable these features from the settings menu to maximize the performance of your Android device. The free version lets you enjoy all the features mentioned above, but you will be able to create up to five folders only.

You will need to download the premium version of this launcher to create more folders.

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If you want a 3D launcher with lots of amazing effects and tons of cool 3D animations, you should try the TSF Shell launcher on your Android device. This launcher features cool 3D animations, 3D homescreen pages, 3D widgets, and a lot more that will surely blow your mind away. Running the launcher for the first time will bring you to its app drawer. You can also set the transition effects for the app drawer. To bring out more 3D effects, set a cylindrical or a flipping page as your scroll through each page on your app drawer.

The launcher allows you to quickly access apps and settings on the menu bar. Just tap and drag from the right side of the screen and you can access your favorite apps, transition settings, widgets, and much more. The app has an amazing 3D interface. You can scroll through different homescreens by tapping the button on the bottom-right portion of the screen. Homescreens will be displayed in a 3D view. The launcher also allows you to add 3D widgets and 3D decorations. You can place a popping weather widget, a 3D music player, a flying airship, 3D clouds, and much more.

You can even rotate app shortcuts to different angles and quickly select multiple apps with the lasso tool. Tired of the usual way of opening a folder? There are tons of cool stuff you can discover with this launcher. The TSF Shell launcher features tons of amazing effects and cool features that fully customize your Android homescreen. With all those features, 3D effects, and endless possibilities of customizing your homescreen, this launcher is definitely worth the price. This launcher is just like any ordinary launcher, consisting of a dock bar at the bottom and few pages on the homescreen.

What you do not know is that this launcher also has a few tricks that will surely surprise you. Just tap the middle button on the dock bar and unleash its amazing 3D effects. You will find a flying balloon that will serve as a battery indicator. You will also notice falling leaves on the homescreen or when you touch the screen.

The falling objects will also change when you re-activate the 3D animation button. You will find falling sakura petals, a yellow flower, or swaying dandelions. Autocomplete search to suggest conta Transparent Screen Wallpaper - Transparent Screen is an amazing app that will help you to make your phone wallpaper transparent.

You can use your phone while walking, talking, texting, and much more. You can see anything behind your phone or tablet. Transparent Screen uses your back camera as background and it applies as a. Theme is pink and blue and milky shake'u muffinkach. Muffins are those creamy chocolate muffins or cakes, to eat. In the background you can see red, orange - pink background. This theme is about cute and sweet butterflies, pink and red and very nice flowers. Some butterflies are yellow, and orange. Others in celadon, blue, cyan and in aquamarine.

Make you and your lover full of sweet and. Do you love. Do you love reagge, reggae or green and smoke ganja or weed? If yes, it is application for you! And it's for free! This a new skin for GO. This free theme has big beautiful wallpaper and icons. It is specifically designed for those who love the colorful butterflies. Sweet pink, blue butterflies would look very. This theme is for every rastaman on green planet.

In this project we have presented our vision of green ganja and weed world. Install it and you will follow of love to the. This topic is for all rastaman on a green planet.

In this project, we presented our vision of a bright green and yellow, red smoke from smokers in the world. Install it and. Theme is created for people who like money and gold, even as Aladdin. It is in his cave, and around it all his wealth, gold coins and other valuables. Gins is blue,. This Go Theme have a three great, cyan high resolution HD wallpapers for main background, and great blue icons.

The best application to personalization and customization. Spring Summer image with plants, tree and little bunny in the background. Flying red butterflies. In the background you can see the magic glade, followed by a beautiful rainbow,.

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Unusual island full of sun, suspended over the sea waves, the rustling waterfall and golden sand on the beach. Wrapped in blue ribbon. Imagine a relaxing holiday, imagine that you're on them, make the picture in your imagination in four colors, like: bigger, brighter, bolder, brilliant and beautiful. Feel it. Giraffe with long neck in brown patches, beautifully posing for pictures.

Amused zebra tail waving merrily, colorful parrot sitting quietly among the leaves on a tree. A few butterflies flying around lazily. For each is a source of calm and inspiration. There are those what love her and worship every day. I just for such fans of was made this unique GO. Feel this good feeling when you see this pink love hearts and remember the person that you love. This sweetie and romantic theme helps you to remember always about your honey,. Everything has been designed specifically for people who love blue, aquamarine and cyan. This applications helps You customization and personalization your GO Launcher EX with beautiful, universe moon and crescent wallpaper, fonts and icons.

This a new great. Do you love green and smoke.

A complete and intuitive laucher, with plenty of personalization options.

This topic is for all who love animals. Shows loved dog and three cats basking in the colorful, plush cushions. A gray kitty with longitudinal dark stripes. Two kittens brown. In times of very ancient the Earth, prevailed giant dinosaurs. More than million years ago, the Earth was covered by giant ferns, cycads,.

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Theme is pink and blue and milky shake muffins. Muffins are those creamy chocolate muffines or cakes, to eat. The topic we see three planets, one of the green cottage, as well as the blue and the gray lands of the moon, mars red in the distance. At the bottom of the wallpaper we see. Feel the wind and the clouds in your phone, like in a heaven.

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Best launcher apps What are the best launcher apps for Android? Lawnchair is a free app by deletescape. It is personalization, launcher app in v1. Nova Launcher is a free app by TeslaCoil Software. It is personalization, launcher, customization app in v6. It is personalization, launcher app in v5. Transparent 3D Theme is a free app by. It is transparent, 3d, theme, screen, display, mobile, live, camera, transparency, real, sms, widget, launcher, homescreen, tool, clock, app in v1.