Nokia bounce ball cheat code

If you miss a platform along the way, you lose your life. Staying too long on a platform also causes you to lose life because lingering causes the platform to push you up into spikes that line the top side of the screen.

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Your rate of fall begins to quicken, so you must react with greater accuracy and speed. Also, the platforms begin to press you up towards the spikes much faster. In the midst of this, small hearts appear on some of the platforms. Rolling over these hearts gives you an extra life to help offset some of the life lost from taking damage and missing platforms. One major cheat code for "Rapid Roll" allows you to disregard the loss of life from missing platforms and hitting spikes.

Nokia Bounce Game Advanced Cheats.

Nokia Bounce Game Hack - Cheat Code - The Traditional Game is Back

Type to infinity health. Type to advanced cheating Advanced Cheating: Press 1 to level down Press Snake Xenzia and Bounce cheats for free!! The method is so easy!

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Write and hacked. Bounce classic hack apk mod data fly hack best score. Plzz suscribe my channel. The cheat code is Then, Press.

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Bounce Original Level 7 for Android by 35cm Games. So Friends this is the easiest way to go through level 7 without any cheating. Just observe my bounces This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

First of all go to games and run Bounce. While in the game type BANG!!! You will hear a sound, that means that your cheat is activated. Now your bounce ball is invincible take it where ever you want it wont gonna blast.

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Tested On: ,,,,,, If your have any question please comment in the comments section. Snake Xenzia Cheats.

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Most people have trouble like missing buttons or when the snake grows too large difficult to handle. Results its getting very hard to raise your high score.

I am gonna tell you an amazing trick with you can score as much you want. So here it is.