Iphone 6s apps greyed out

How can you fix this iPhone apps stuck? Here we list some solutions which could be benefit for you. A bad network environment could lead to apps greyed out, it you are using Mobile data, you then should connect Wi-Fi and retry to use the apps on your iPhone. In a high speed network connection, apps can work more effiective.

Every app requires storage to run, if your iPhone is out of storage, some of the large apps in your iPhone may not be able to update and these apps would also lose efficacy. A restarting operation can fix various iOS issues, it can help to restart the system and release memory and caches. Thus we suggest you to restart your iPhone and try again.

If a simple restarting not working, you need to force restart your iPhone. Keep holding the buttons at least 10 seconds and release the buttons when the Apple logo appears. Here's a guide to force restart iPhone All brands included. This greyed out or "waiting" problem sometime will not last for long. User can try times to update or open the apps. If you want to use these apps immediately, you can also choose to downgrade your operating system to iOS 10, or to iOS 11 if you are iOS 12 users.

If you don't know how to downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10 , you can refer to:. And you will be able to see USB and iTunes logo on the screen. I try taking it to a cell phone repair shop and I feel like they just try and find something wrong with the phone to get money out of me. I've had it with the iphone.. My iPhone was also out of warranty and I rang up and after some troubleshooting they have sent me a whole new device free of charge.

They did initially charge me placed a hold on my account until they received the faulty device back and made sure it was liquid damaged etc. I was told a while back ago from a cell phone repair shop that it had water damage I've never dropped my phone in water, they claimed it was from the phone being in the bathroom and it soaking up the moisture from that.. Hope that all makes sense! Sheralee sherbetdipdab. Mine has been doing the exact same for a month now.

Very annoying, only had this phone for a few moths!!

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Pat hayden rockstar Disconnecting it from my Bluetooth in the car turning Bluetooth on and off a few times it finally connected to the car and I was also able to use my phone again. Tommy Vo. Colin colin I had a problem with the phone too, I took it to the repair and I was told that I had to order a new button and they would all repair it. Becca Cullison. I have the same problem.

My iPhone 7 Plus updated to the February 12 by Santa Claus. Jonathan Kunkle jonathan Was your phone ever fixed in the passed? Any water damage? Go through the steps thet have you go through. They will send you to the apple store and tell you its your fault and you need to upgrade. Get the repair number and contact customer service and escalate the call. Insist they replace it for free. They will send you a return box and send you out another one once they get yours.

Kelley Richter. My iPhone 7 is doing the exact same thing please let me know if you have found a solution to the problem. This is a known problem with the iPhone 7. Bring it to the Apple Store. They gave me a new iPhone 7 to replace my old defective one. Vicki vcfamonline. I have the iphone 7 doing the same thing.

What did u tell them in the appointment they set? Like did u have to force them or they gave u for free with no questions asked? You cannot get free replacement anymore. When this started, we were being instructed to escalate issue to senior advisors for them to waive replacement cost before you went to the store. Now there are no more exceptions, it was costing apple too much money to replace phones even though they screwed up with the update, saddest part is that iOS 12 still keeps messing phones up, issue still not fixed.

Instead, new updates keep causing more issues. January 1 by Tanera. Same problem. I reset phone, speaker worked for roughly 1 hour.. Chris Augustine caug. I had the same problem in May and Apple replaced my device for free. Now 5 months later, it did it again while on the latest The guy at the Apple store said they stopped giving free replacements because they were giving out replacements left and right!

Exactly, it was costing them too much money. Guess what?? Just to give an update, I called AppleCare and spoke to a senior advisor. He was really helpful and told me he would ask about getting a replacement and call me back. Two hours later I got a call back telling me I can go to any store for another free replacement. Annana annana0. They do this on purpose you know. Appme knows they messed up, and it was caused by an update for sure.

Go android, they are better phones. Many phones can have the issue but not always cause of a new phone or new update. Boards can give out any moment just like SIM card reader issue and Touch disease is caused by faulty chips that come lose.

Full Solutions to "Find My iPhone" Problems

Mod kh khirfanm. Try to rest your phone while the headset or the airpods is connected to your phone, it worked for me. Posted: February I am having the same issues, will Apple replace my 7 plus even with a small crack in the screen on corner? Dies dies. Posted: March 5. I also have this issue. I'm not here to provide any solutions but I wanted you read this. This that I am too another echo comment.

Hear me whinge as well. Don't leave me out. I suggest you all go get an Android like an LG v30 or something else not Apple. Charley charley Posted: April Similar issue to others with same phone type. When it first occurred I was answering a call and clicked speakerphone button which came on and then went off. Clicked it again and it came on then off then flickered on and off several times before it greyed out and would not let me select any longer. Music played fine, bluetooth phone connection fine but if off Bluetooth could not hear anyone even though connected through earpiece or speakerphone and button to select sound source greyed out so no options.

Bluetooth however worked. FIX: I just tried the hard reset multiple times back to back like others above and it fixed it. Easiest way to check is open voicemail and see if it will let you listen through earpiece. Before when it was messed up could only listen to voicemail through speaker. Working again though! Guwhan Chandler.

Looked to clean the speaker option, greyed out. Hard Reset about 5 times, yet nothing. When I start up the phone, the Apple icon is lite up for like 5 minutes while starting up. Same exact problem. May 12 by Bob Douglass. Rani Cheramie Dardar. Posted: May I had this same issue with my iPhone 7 Plus. I did neither and resorted to this blog. The comments gave me good advice and I soft reset my phone by holding my lock screen and volume down button for a few seconds. Each time I performed the soft reset, I tested my phone by making a call. Emina Skopljak. Posted: June 7. I restarted my phone 4 times in a row and my speaker button came back!

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  • Thank you so much. I tried everything before this trick and nothing worked. Syed's ragehelp. Posted: June Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Lauren Pirtle lp09 Rep: 2 2 1. Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

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    Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score The phone does work on bluetooth audio, though, as I can make and take calls in my truck. Any help? Same as well. Works perfect only with my apple pods. Warranty up? Most Helpful Answer. Ayla Lewis Rep: 1 1 1. Was this answer helpful? Score 5. Hi I have the same issue as you.

    Why Is App Store Button Grayed Out or Dim On My iPhone / iPad? - macReports

    Will They replace it straight away or do I have to wait for my phone. They gave me a new phone on the spot. They recommend to see if it was a software issue by backing up to icloud and restoring with ios Michael teetopp Rep: Score 1. Lauren33 lauren Rep: 13 1. Not audio file, audio IC and you need microsoldering equipment for that. Replace the proximity sensor Resetting it all network settings several times worked for me! Gabrielle Mingus Rep: Mike flandamier Rep: 13 1. Score 0. My phone is like this as well and i have an iphone 7.

    Just happed after i got the update. Does "hey Siri "work? If it doesn't recognise you then it's the mic on the front camera flex. Apple is now aware of this issue and replaced my out of warranty phone for free. Escalate as much as possible guys!