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First, however, we need to get a handle on the here and now, with one of the most fun, but often emotional, aspects of money management—spending. You can read the challenge intro here and catch up on task one here. Follow along on Twitter with 30DaysofMoney.

Spending is highly individual. Below we list some of the most popular apps for the task. All are free, though some sell premium tools.

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Most connect to your bank and credit accounts, pulling and organizing transaction data. Look for an app that lets users input information manually. This takes more work, but some people like the accountability of entering transactions by hand. Some apps, though useful to all, focus on different needs and offer different capabilities, ranging from monitoring investments to optimizing credit card rewards. In the latter method recurring expenses and savings are subtracted, along with daily transactions to tell users how much they have to spend at a given time.

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    10 Best Budget and Expense Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad

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    Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps

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    Expense Tracker - Best Three Apps Make It Easy

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    Top 10 Budget and Expense Tracking Apps for iPhone/iPad in 12222

    Posted 2 days ago — By Brie Barbee. An example is the Samsung Galaxy A50 which not only looks great but also boasts a lot of features. No list of expense tracker apps would be complete without a mention of Mint, the best known personal finance tool around. Mint is great because it is free, supports a wide range of banks and lenders and comes from one of the largest and most trusted names in financial software, Intuit. There are plenty of bugs in the software, and new features are slow to release since Intuit bought the app in And if you do find a bug or a problem in your account, getting support can sometimes be hard.

    The app takes a unique philosophy to budgeting. Users are forced to give every dollar they earn a job, whether it is related to savings, expenses or investments, and the app uses that to show user budgets. The original version allowed for manual expense tracking only, though the newer update allows you to automatically import expenses from a linked bank account as well. How much money do you have to spend this month at coffee shops?


    How about on clothes? Most budgeting and expense tracking apps are designed to tell you what happened after you spend your money. Envelope budgeting is a style of budgeting where you literally put cash in envelopes at the start of the month, and you can spend until your envelopes are empty.

    Mvelopes takes that experience online, offering users digital envelopes to store their spending money each month. The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance, you accept our.