Android runtime error fatal exception main

Bundle; import android. ListActivity; import android.

FATAL EXCEPTION: main | Treehouse Community

Context; import android. Intent; import android. Cursor; import android. SQLiteDatabase; import android.

Unable to locate adb android studio error SOLVED

Menu; import android. View; import android.

ArrayAdapter; import android. The errors are occurs in above main activity code. Before I move this thread, this is a development issue then? Slug Check six! Hi Amalthomas, As the forum description notes, this isn't the place for support questions. As you've confirmed that it concerns Android development I'll move it to the Application Development forum, where it has more chance of receiving attention from fellow-developers.

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Context is null, so I suspect you are getting a null pointer exception here "context. Jul 13, 1, Male. You cant assign an int to a pointer to a Context object. In onacreate, just set currentContext to this or this. Yes, I got it working.

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Make sure the system image for your simulator has armeabi-v7a as ABI. You can edit this in your Android Virtual Device Manager. At first, I was trying to run the example on a x86 ABI and that was the origin of the error. I hope this helps.

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Please let me know if you need any additional information. That fixed it! I updated the android doc with some of these tips.

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Thanks paulinhog I just got Android studio with OpenFrameworks Master up and running. I am trying to run the empty example not in the emulator but on my device which is a nexus 9 with android 5.