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Creative cloud app default install location

Skip to main content. Kelly70 Created on February 23, I have installed the Adobe app, but it will not open. After running program compatibility, it says it's not compatible. Especially when I got it for free when it first came out and rolled back because it sucked!! Again Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe need to install the latest telemetrics and spyware on your computers, so you need to upgrade to the latest os for them to capture more revenue….

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When will this happen? I have windows 8 on my computer at work and hope to get PS CC but reading this somewhat crushes that hope. Good that I read this article then! Probalbly in october. This article is not correct. So Windows 7 will stiill be supported. Then you should disconnect your machine from the internet now and make a point of telling nobody. Yes, how dare he not slavishly follow the masses and the social engineering designed by our overlords!

What is the alternative if you use the software to make a living? Adobe took that option away.

Solution 2: Restart your computer and relaunch the Creative Cloud desktop app

Please enlighten me since you are so intelligent. Another alternative might be to use a pirated version of their latest release and make a one-off donation to Adobe for the amount you might have paid a few years ago to buy it outright. I used to think the subscription model was bad and like most petulent children stomped my feet, called them names, etc. Wait till MS goes subscription model for Windows…:.

How to Solve It When Adobe Programs or Updates Won’t Download | ProDesignTools

You sound like you work for Adobe…. I want to OWN my software, not hire it. Perhaps you just understand the reason why people pay to own things. Ownership is important to many people. I refuse to. I want to know that I OWN everything on my computer and it will last forever. My computer is very personal to me. That seems like a mistake. I very much dislike forced upgrades.

I love all the whining going on. They are not doing it to punish you, as much as you would like to believe that. Grow up. Adobe had discountined full product purchase long time now. Subscription models are here and other software vendors, including MS, will soon follow. There are other products out there that are free. Please, for the sake of the compassion of Big Brother do not complain or think for yourselves! Adobe needs to re-think their attitude before they step in the Windows 10 fecal pile created by MS. I agree. Every release of CC Adobe software has had serious bug after serious bug.

The bugs just never seem to end. But as it is, when I hear about new releases is wondering if any of the bugs have been fixed yet, and how many new bugs will be introduced with the new release. I also hate all the background programs Adobe have started adding.

Things running in the background creep me out. I have read this post and am surprised no one has a problem with all the numerous glitches, just one of them being a total crash at print queue. Since my business involves a huge amount of large format printing on VERY expensive printers, which I am not about to replace at this time, I say Adobe is pathetic. Spinning progress wheel.

Troubleshoot Creative Cloud download and install issues

Try the following solutions to resolve the issue and start Creative Cloud desktop app:. Restart Creative Cloud background processes This error can occur if the background processes of Creative Cloud are experiencing problems. Close all applications. Restart the computer and launch Creative Cloud desktop app.

Steps to solve problems with Adobe Creative Cloud products:

Upgrade to the current version of Creative Cloud desktop app Upgrading to the current version of Creative Cloud desktop app resolves this issue. To do so, follow these steps: Quit Creative Cloud desktop app.

Adobe Creative Cloud Apps tab missing

Download and install the updated version of Creative Cloud desktop app. Go to Preferences.