New apps for ipod nano 6g

Get over yourself. Did you check what you were buying before you bought it? Warranty up? Chosen Solution. Was this answer helpful? Score 6.

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Thank you Sir. Emily Usher, more of what?

Can You Apps Ipod Nano 6g

Tampa Bay Apple Repair Rep: 49 2 1. You cannot put apps on the iPod nano. Score 4. Score 2. You cant.

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  • Different generations of the iPod nano supported different types of apps.
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Buy an iphone. Score 0. Palzor Namgayal Rep: 1.

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No Apps it sucks, I bought it maybe 4 years ago and it is still packed away in the drawer. Instead, you usually switch screens by swiping the screen to the left or right. For example, when viewing the Songs list, will swiping to the right take you back up to the home screen?

Answer: yes, but you only know this if you happened to have tried it previously. Similarly, when browsing lists, the small screen size means you see only three and a half entries—track names, artist names, and the like—at a time, so you end up swiping and scrolling a lot.

Instead, if you tap-and-hold for a few seconds on an area of the screen with no controls, you return to the Home screen. Instead, you can choose to have a new full-screen clock appear whenever you wake the nano, but that adds another tap—to dismiss the clock—before you can start whatever action you woke the iPod to perform. For example, a rectangular nano—perhaps the same width, just a bit longer, with a screen similar in size to that of the 5G nano—would have been considerably more useful, allowing you to view at least five items on the screen at a time, instead of three and a half, perhaps with enough room left over for more onscreen navigational aids.

Like its predecessor, the 6G iPod nano continues to support most common audio-file formats, including podcasts and audiobooks, and has an advertised battery life of up to 24 hours.

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It also lets you view photos synced via iTunes and, provided you have the right cable, output those photos to a TV—although photos synced to the nano are scaled down considerably. You can also use the new iPod nano for data storage. New, though, is a feature to automatically scan for—and quickly access—stations in your area. The previous nano used the accelerometer to automatically reorient the screen when you rotated the device.

2011 iPod Nano 6th Gen Unboxing and Firmware 1.2 Update - New Clock Faces!

And provided you connect headphones with a built-in microphone, you can still record voice memos. Finally, in my testing the iPod nano continues to offer good audio performance—assuming, of course, you feed it quality audio files. A Best Buy salesman told me it isn't even close. After Google hires Bill Nye to explain that people are just scared to leave their decrepit Windows laptops for Chromebooks, I thought I'd get another opinion. It was harsh. Quickly learn a new language with AI-powered Lingvist.

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