Download nimbuzz for windows mobile 6.1

Microsoft Live Search. Nobody talks about it, even Microsoft. Offers name address and phone look up for most all business, mapping like Google maps , directions, traffic, movies, gas prices, and weather…Great voice commands say the city and state…Then the store…up pops a address and phone number.

Telegram apps for Windows Mobile Phone

All Win devices should have this. Did you know - They have a Blackberry App beta and a mobile web app too. News Break — from Ilium Software, Inc.

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  • Free Nimbuzz apps for Windows Mobile phone.

Great RSS reader - Follow the news, listen to podcasts, and read your favorite blogs. Great search tool, updates easily.

TeleGram for Windows Mobile Phones – Best Messenger App on Windows ?

Tell NewsBreak? Full featured and easy to use. Nuff said. Keep up the good work! Tried an iPhone 3G but I just can't get done what needs to be done with it. Among others, I have a database set up to track my car's gas mileage.

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There is a companion desktop client as well. I have Mesh clients on my PCs and there is a "web desktop" as well. Great for moving files to and from my phone or for keeping lists and other files in sync. MS-Recite: Voice note app with voice searching capability.

Free Top 10 Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic Software, Themes, Games, Apps Download

Had been using ceTwit which is also good, but PockeTwit? Great for keeping up on the latest from acedtect and rafe ahem! Pocket Quicken: Syncs with my desktop Quicken. I use this a lot.

Installing The YouTube Application - Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

I use it to grab "The Real Deal" and then listen via my bluetooth stereo headset or in the car. Opera Mobile: Came pre-installed on the Touch and is set up as the "default" browser. Much better than IE and, in my opinion, is very close to the iPhone's browser.

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I have a host of other, more common apps like Google Maps and Skype, but everyone knows about those! Very handy. These are my three favorite sites to use to mess with my WinMo? The sites are mostly about hacking your phone to dubious ends i. Slide2Unlock — just like iPhone, no more butt dialing!

Qik — cross platform need to jailbreak iphone way stream live webcasts from your phone. So BA. Skype — save those minutes, especially if your smartphone has WiFi?

usa: fring Pocket PC Download

Texting Google for directions, movie times etc… still use it over web. Also google voice search and free GOOG 2. Many phones get free upgrades of their OS. I just got one from Verizon hell clearly froze over. Karl NOKIA It's still early days for the Nokia and there are relatively few applications available for it, but here are my favourites so far. Hopefully Nokia will release a native version soon. Two programmes that desperately need native versions are Adobe Reader and MobiReader? Both of these have greatly reduced usability because of their lack of touch screen support.

Google Maps for the is very good, but with Nokia Maps built in and superior it show train stops and doesn't try to connect to the internet all the time I don't need it. Cool in theory, but I don't use GoodGuide? I use a program called MetaX? After I rip a movie all I have to do is type in the name and let it search through its database all most always I come up with usable metadata which includes cover art, actors, year, description and even chapter titles. TV shows are a bit harder because of titles but if you batch edit them to make your life easier.

I use the mac version but they have recently came out with a windows version. In the end a fellow listener Eric, suggested in the forums to try MediaMan? It allows you to list all of your movies, cds, books, and video games you add as many sub -categories as you want. Heck you can easily add more categories too they even suggest baseball cards or other collectibles. Aaditya Jain January 15th am device: Windows Mobile 6 i have trouble using facebook in nimbuzz pls help me pls. Leave a comment.

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