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This product is no longer in stock. Warning: Last items in stock! Availability date:. Notify me when available. Ultra Protective We drop-tested this case six times from three feet onto its corners and back on a hard concrete floor, and it suffered no damage whatsoever. Great Grip This case feels really secure in your hand. SwitchEasy has a mixed history, one that makes it difficult to tell the full story based on its cases alone. Its Numbers case was our original pick for the iPhone 5 and 5s, before a wave of reader complaints about quality and customer service. At iLounge, I found the SwitchEasy protectors to be impressive in general— the Numbers earned a rare A rating from me —but readers there contacted me about similar issues.

Top 12 iPhone 6S Cases Drop Test - Most Durable iPhone 6S Case?

Ultimately, we pulled our recommendation. With all of that in mind, we looked at three SwitchEasy cases for the iPhone 6. The first is the Odyssey. Instead of being layered, the materials run side by side, with the hardened rubber making up the majority of the case. It covers the buttons without reducing much of their clickiness, and six holes along the bottom line up precisely with the speaker vents. This case is almost identical to the Incipio NGP, but it offers more protection. An early yellow version of the case we tested accumulated permanent stains, but later iterations exhibited no such issue.

The problem is that the case is a bit too loose, so the corners come off too easily. We experienced this issue time and time again while removing the encased phone from our pockets. Doing so will eliminate any potential warranty issues with third-party sellers, should you have any problems with the case. Combining a rubber skin with a plastic frame, the Spigen Neo Hybrid is a slim, attractive case.

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Its fatal flaw lies in its button protection. Because we received this case for testing so early, we think Spigen might revise later editions to address this problem.

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Also from Spigen is the Ultra Hybrid , a single-piece case that fuses a rubber frame with a clear plastic back. Rather than putting raised material over them, it has left and right edges that are flat from top to bottom with small indentations. Without a more pronounced physical distinction, you can more easily miss the buttons, and the frame moves inward when you press. Twelve South is up front about just how protective the SurfacePad is. SurfacePad is meant to guard your iPhone from scratches and scrapes from things like car keys, nail files or concrete park benches. The SurfacePad adheres to the back of the iPhone, and you can remove it and reapply it as necessary though doing so is not as easy as the company would have you believe.

We like the materials, but the SurfacePad is difficult to recommend unless your primary concern is fashion. Like the Q Card Case, the Slim Wallet can hold three cards, but a raised arch in its card slot causes the cards to curve to a noticeable degree, which may damage the cards over time. The Armor Tough Case is a rubber case with interchangeable, polycarbonate-plastic backplates.

The PureView Clear Case, on the other hand, is a nice pick in the very full category of cases with rubber edges and clear backs, and Smartish prices it aggressively. Everything else about the case is essentially the same as on the NGP, including the cutouts for the ports and the quality of the button protection.

iPhone 6 Plus | 6S Plus Case – Tridicase

While the Rival is very smooth, much like the NGP, horizontal lines across the lower two-thirds of its back add a distinct texture. The dimensions are pretty much identical between the two. Overall, though, this case is too pricey for what it gives you. This case was also relatively expensive when last we checked, and the plastic border frame feels fragile.

It consists of a rubber skin with machined aluminum caps that attach at the top and bottom. Thankfully, this design is an improvement over previous versions, which required you to use an included screwdriver to install and remove the caps; instead, it uses small plastic clips that you can put in and remove by hand. Also from Itskins is the Evolution. A rubber core with a plastic frame, the Evolution has some curves that help make it feel slightly more organic. The big problem is that the screen rises above the edge of the case instead of the other way around. The smooth, matte-finish plastic splits into two pieces for both installation and docking purposes.

Although it offers proper button coverage and a nice protective lip, we found the case to be too tight; pulling it off, especially the bottom cap, is a struggle. We also checked out the standard DualPro , which has a matte finish. The plastic layer of the DualPro Shine fits into grooves in the rubber, helping the case feel like a cohesive unit. The body is made of black rubber, with nice button protection and properly centered openings for the headphone port and microphone, the Lightning port, and the speaker.

Attached to the back is a plastic compartment that adds both mass and depth. A plastic door slides open to reveal space for two, maybe three, credit cards. This is more of a niche case than our pick. The back on this one is plastic, which is one of the two drawbacks. In our experience with iPhone cases, clear plastic scuffs easily and will show those scratches within a matter of days.

This case might not be so bad if the frame provided a better lip. Unfortunately, at 0. The Voyager adds port protection and funnels the sound from the speakers forward. It also comes with a belt clip and screen film. This model is hard plastic with a rubberized but still rigid frame. The metal button covers are a really nice addition, helping the case feel more premium. While it does fit, it has almost no lip, and the holes along the bottom are uneven to the point of looking warped.

Monoprice is known for inexpensive products of all kinds. The materials often feel cheap, and other companies offer higher-quality products at similarly low prices.

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This model splits into two pieces, with an inner skin of TPU and a polycarbonate shell that snaps into place over it. Rokform has long focused on ruggedized cases that can connect to an ecosystem of mounting accessories. Its Sport v3 is no exception. This plastic and rubber case comes with swappable magnetic backplates that allow it to connect to various mounting brackets the company sells. Unlike most other cases, this model includes flaps over the vibration control switch, headphone port, and Lightning port—all good things for an extra level of protection.

It also includes button coverage, but we found that it requires more force to depress the volume and power controls than other cases do. Because you end up with a bit of space between the protector and the screen, very light presses and swipes might not register, which is a drawback. While the Defender Series does expose the Apple logo, the case at least covers it with clear film that prevents it from getting scratched. And as a bonus, the Defender Series comes with a belt holster. In the OtterBox family, the Commuter Series represents the next step down in overall protection.

Instead of plastic on the inside and rubber on the outside, the layers are reversed. Thankfully, the buttons depress much more easily. Rather than a permanent screen protector, OtterBox includes an optional film with this case. But I am the most clumsy person in the world. I have dropped my 7 Plus more times than I can count in this case and it has zero cracks, zero scratches, no damage at all. I love it and will buy more in other colors. It even holds my pop socket perfectly. It has a nice grip. It will not slip from my hands or slide off a table.

It was easy to put on my phone. Fits like a glove. I have access to all my buttons and ports.

iPhone 6S Plus & 6 Plus Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Protective Bumper Case

The price was great. I would definitely purchase this again and recommend it to my friends. This case has held up for two years now with near daily drops, only coming out with a few scratches. Pretty much what you want from your case. Forty feet up, to be exact. Absentmindedly, I left my phone in my shirt pocket. When I reached the forty-foot height and leaned over the rail, I had the pleasure of watching my phone slide out of my pocket and tumble to the hard concrete below.

Best iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus cases: Treat your new Apple devices

Of course it landed facedown. On the ride down I was already planning on going to the Sprint store to get a new phone. Imagine my surprise when I picked the phone up and the screen was not cracked. This case helped my iPhone survive a foot drop to hard concrete. This does feel a bit more slippery in my hands and I cannot be as careless with my phone now, but I feel like I have a brand new phone again!

I did have to order to protective screen as this leaves it exposed. Fits like a glove on my 6s Plus, but you do have to be more careful with your phone versus the full coverage series. Seriously, I am impressed!

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I use my phone while running, hiking, biking, and more. This case gives me full confidence that my phone will be protected if it drops. And this one fits my iPhone 5S better than the more expensive one.