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However, its successful Lumia strand is staying firmly put, thankfully for Windows Phone. With the Nokia Lumia , Microsoft is tackling the mid-range market using the latest version of Windows Phone 8. It's essentially a watered-down version of the Lumia with a watered-down price to match. But is it enough to lure users away from the dominating Android and iOS handsets? The Good. Design Hardware Camera User experience and apps Verdict. At a first glance, the Lumia is bold and glossy, following Lumia's traditional vibrant colours which range from bright orange and green, or black and white for something a little more conservative.

Like the Lumia , this handset has a metal outer frame and matte-plastic polycarbonate shell, giving it a more premium feel - the volume, lock and camera shutter buttons along the right are also similarly positioned.

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The Lumia is also reminiscent of the Lumia with its black circular lens on the back, except it has the advantage of laying flatter. The Lumia is slightly lighter and thinner than its predecessors at g and 8.

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It's not the slimmest on the scene, nor the lightest but it feels comfortable enough to hold without coming across bulky. Hardware is where Microsoft manages to trim costs, opting for a 1. Despite using the lower spec, the phone doesn't suffer majorly. It runs relatively smoothly, even with several apps open but it did begin to lag ever so slightly after playing Angry Birds.

While the size is fine, the lower resolution and ppi pixel density means that some of the crisp detail is lost, particularly where text is concerned.

Microsoft Windows Security Updates April 12222 overview

That said, colours burst on screen thanks to the bit TrueColor display, easing its woes. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 should also give it a decent amount of scratch protection. Vox Media. October 29, Windows Blog. Retrieved August 20, Microsoft UK Schools Blog. Retrieved November 26, Windows Phone. Retrieved July 12, Retrieved December 29, Wall St. Cheat Sheet. Retrieved December 16, Retrieved April 14, June 20, Retrieved December 12, June 20, Microsoft brings true, background multitasking to Windows Phone 8.

Retrieved on Retrieved January 13, Windows Central.

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Retrieved August 8, December 7, Archived from the original on January 4, Retrieved January 4, Development history Removed features. Microsoft Windows family. Components History Timeline Criticism. Windows 1. Windows 95 Development Windows 98 Windows Me. Windows NT 3. Windows Preinstallation Environment. Embedded Compact CE 5.

In addition, the "Background Tasks" page, which allows a user to stop or allow an individual app from running in the background, has been moved from the Settings menu to Battery Saver. In addition to just being able to stop a background task from running, users can now set profiles which will prevent certain apps from running only if the battery level is below a designated percentage. Storage Sense lets users move files and apps between their phone's hard drive and a microSD card, and incorporates features previously available in the "Settings" section that gave users the ability to delete temporary files to free up storage and uninstall applications.

It also helps to share your own Wi-Fi credentials with your friends and contacts, but without the security compromise i. Calendar app now has a week view with current weather, similar to the features in the Microsoft Outlook calendar available to desktop users. The calendar further adds support for syncing Google Calendars with your Windows Phone.

Maps has been overhauled with support for aerial-view, 3D mapping and a dynamic compass. Local Scout, which has been removed from Windows Phone 8. The map also shows nearby WiFi-hotspots, if any available, in your location. The Dialer app adds a "Speed Dial" page, and calls from a single caller in Call History are now grouped.

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Clicking on the group will reveal individual call details such as the time and date the call was made. A button has been added next to each caller which allows unidentified callers to be added to a user's contact list or brings up information on an existing contact. Users can now automatically upgrade existing phone calls to Skype video calls from within the phone call UI, which has also been revamped with larger buttons. In addition to a large photo of the contact, text with the user's name and phone number now appear at the top of the screen instead of directly above the dialer.

Skype calls can also be directly initiated from Cortana. Xbox Music and Xbox Video provide streaming services for movies, music, and TV shows, and are separated as opposed to being joined together in previous versions. Notably, Xbox Video now has built-in support for video streaming. Furthermore, built-in support for streaming through DLNA to monitors and television screens, referred to by Microsoft as PlayTo , [33] is also included, as well as the ability to mirror display from a phone to a separate screen.

Media editing tools have also been refined: apps for slow motion video capture, video effects, and audio effects have been added. Microsoft currently provides bi-weekly updates i. The stock camera app has been updated with a more minimalist design similar to that of the camera app on Windows 8. Building on improvements made in the third update to its predecessor, Windows Phone 8. Pressing the back button now suspends an app in the multitasking view instead of closing it. A third column of live tiles, which was previously available only to Windows Phones with p and select phones with p screens, is now an option for all Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft has also added the ability for users to skin live tiles with a background image. With the inclusion of Update 1, WP8. Each individual app within the folder can still appear as a Live Tile, and opening the folder simply expands it on the Start Screen so the user can rearrange and open apps. The "Me" hub in Windows Phone 8.

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When users click on a Facebook post, for example, they are instantly redirected to the Facebook app, instead of being allowed to like or comment on that post in the "Me" hub itself, a feature available in previous versions of Windows Phone. The Me hub's notification center for social networks has also been removed, as this feature is now integrated into Windows Phone 8.

Other changes to the messaging app include the ability to select multiple text messages for forwarding or deletion. A new notifications center known as "Action Center" has been added, and allows for the ability to change simple settings such as volume controls. The new notifications area's design allows the user to for example change wireless networks, turn Bluetooth and Airplane Mode on or off, and access "Driving Mode" from four customisable boxes at the top of the screen, while beneath these four horizontally placed boxes include recent text messages and social integration.

Apps can also send users location-specific notifications with the addition of a new geofencing API. Microsoft has added a Word Flow keyboard in Windows Phone 8.

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  • April 2, 12222—KB4490481 (OS Build 17763.404).
  • As the user swipes, the keyboard generates space automatically for the next word to be entered. The keyboard was touted for its speed and accuracy, and brought fame to Microsoft's research division when fifteen-year-old Lakeside School student Gaurav Sharma, using a Nokia Lumia equipped with Windows Phone 8. As a result of this change, multiple file explorer apps have been released on the Windows Phone Store since the operating system's debut.

    Microsoft released its own file explorer app on May 30, In addition to these changes, SkyDrive has been completely rebranded to OneDrive across the operating system after Microsoft's settlement of a dispute over the "Sky" trademark with BSkyB. Users are also presented with multiple options when a Windows Phone 8. Apps Corner is a kiosk mode that allows users to restrict usage to a select group of applications and boot straight into a specific app.

    Sony under the Xperia or Vaio brand has also stated its intention to produce Windows Phone devices in the near future, but this has not materialized. Starting with Windows Phone 8.

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    WP now supports on-screen buttons that OEMs can use to replace the capacitive "back, "Windows", and "search" buttons that have been required for devices running the OS since The new on-screen buttons can be hidden by swiping them to the side of the screen. Windows Phone device manufacturers are also no longer required to include a physical camera button on the side of the phone.

    Although the Windows Phone store has many apps, there are still less than the Android and iOS stores, and the Windows Phone apps equivalents are severely lacking. However, he commends Windows Phone for its ability to run smoothly across a wide variety of hardware and the thoughtful addition of features.