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Mix music & create beats.

If you use the desktop Traktor 2, you can sync with your library there, using the iPad app to prepare playlists and cue points and so on. But the app fails when you try to be more manual. Mixing manually is hampered by having no way to manually adjust tempo without using SYNC, while touch scratching suffers from slight lag, making it imprecise.

There are a number of useful automations that would be improved if you could turn them off! Hopefully these problems will be addressed soon, as the general interface design is excellent. The FX tools are especially nice to use, and a great example of how a touch interface can improve on traditional controls.

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Traktor DJ is great for beginners, and a fun way to get into DJing. However, it is over automatized, which makes it too inflexible for more experienced users. Native Instruments constantly improve their Traktor range, so hopefully some of the problems will be fixed soon.

Traktor DJ App For iPad / iPhone: Beginners' Questions Answered

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Traktor DJ 2: NI Has Rewritten Their App For iOS, PC, and Mac - DJ TechTools

Learn more. While obviously not as fully featured as its desktop big brother, Traktor DJ packs a surprising amount of View full description.

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YouTube Music All the music you want, in a tube. Download Traktor DJ 1. Download for iPhone.

Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ 2 breaks free from the iPad

Head there now to join in. And if you want to hone your beatmatching skills, you can always turn it off to do things the old-school way. Effects let you manipulate your sound and twist up your tracks when things start getting groovy. The track will carry on playing, but you can tap directly onto the frozen section to play it like an instrument.

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  6. Choose a layout that suits the way you play. Choose from different on-screen setups, depending on how you like to play. Scratch, backspin, and chop things up without losing your position in a track. Listen to the track you want to play next in your headphones before mixing it in. See a track you want to play later? Keep it at hand with a playlist you can build on the fly. All your likes and playlists are available right in the app — just drag and drop any track you want into a deck and spin away.