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The free mapping app gets more powerful and indispensable with every update. It can predict your location using GPS or cell tower triangulation, and use that fix to find businesses near you and calculate directions based on your car, walking, even public transit. You'll be able to click to call locations, and send details to friends via text.

Map layers include traffic flows and points of interest on Wikipedia as you switch between satellite and map views. If you're into Google Latitude, a social networking geolocation feature, you'll also be able to track friends. The latest version of the map app can sync your favorite places on the phone and online, so you can revisit a spot on the map no matter where you are in real life.

The possibilities for growing Google Maps for Mobile are endless, but we'd settle with adding voice searches next. Many third party icons changed. Optimized to work fast. Nice and smooth UI. Restart after installation to change all elements. File manager with cloud service integration. Very useful utility application for your Nokia N8.

FilesPlus provides extended functions beyond files manager. Get the dino dinosaur experience on your mobile today.

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Not a farm, not a park story, but simply brutal Dinosaur Sounds for you to play with. Stop playing games and get this free download today and join the fun! Need connection to work. This is Quite fun, and not so complicated story about cute funny RED button. Do Not Press! Can you resist from pressing the Big Red Button? Does it ever end? Please post a review and don't forget to show a friend!

This great widget, an essential application extends the shortcut bar providing a total of 15 shortcuts to your favorite applications. In addition, the widget also displays the names of the applications in different languages. After installation, go to your home screen and add the widget from its catalog of widgets. Changes in version v1. Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content:.

Account: login. More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles to of KeepItOn can run in background, display light can be on for infinite time, or for a predefined time period, and screen brightness can be controlled. Energy saving options can be setup so that light is only active when the phone is connected to a charger or if battery level is above a certain rate. A simple shortcut to lock your phone. This app can extend the life of your lock key and works always.

Hardware key and other lock apps don't work directly after a reboot, this app fixed it. Thanks ApexDesigns Inc.

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A simple application to view molecular structures in 3D. So, the universe is made of balls and sticks. A tool for creating standard IMAP mailboxes. Creates an empty mailbox with Google mail settings. You can then edit the settings from the mail application. You cannot create the mailbox with usual email wizard any more, as it will use the Nokia proxy service which is down. How often did you have a low account with a thought in your mind "Ha, with two minutes Internet browsing my account would not get empty". And how often did you have to switch on a preinstalled connection manager to check the amount of megabytes used?

How often did you meter a speed of your connection?

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Think about it - it is uncomfortable, isn't it? That's why mConnection shows the amount of used traffic and current speed of your connection. This program can work with any Access Point of your device. Information is shown in a pop-up window on top of the other windows. This is a modified touch version of "mConnection v0. The purpose of the modification is adaptation of XY settings with regard to a larger screen size.

Now you can set the value of monitor position to more than pixels up to pixels. Scan documents, business cards, or presentation billboards in a snap of your camera phone! With unique automatic processing functions documents produced by MDScan are always clean and legible, are easy on the eyes and take minimum storage space.

This is the most powerful and hard-core task manager that you have ever seen, because it is made by Nokia Corporation to help developers! There are too many functions - e. One of the most interesting functions in MemSpy could be viewing all files open by the system at any time. Microsoft Apps is a suite of productivity applications.

These apps require big amount of space from C drive. Device reboot is needed. Mobile Speak is a powerful screen reader available for people with visual impairments and also for general users who would like additional voice assistance on their smartphone. Information displayed on the screen is spoken via the speaker or headset using the phone's built-in TTS voices no third-party TTS can be used with this version.

Mobile Speak supports Nokia Maps, Braille and on supported devices screen magnification. Advanced moon tool providing rich real-time calculations of moon phases, age, illumination, distance, apparent size, coordinates right ascension, declination, ecliptic latitude and longitude , azimuth, elevation, moonrise and moonset times, perigees and apogees, new and full moons, moon compass and more. Shows interactive graph of moon path through the sky for any date and location.

Supports both GPS and manually entered locations. Change your music's tempo and pitch in real-time quick and easy. Use cases of Music Speed Changer are for instance: practicing guitar and other music instruments, transcriptions, change the speed of audiobooks There is no need to install any software on the computer. Nano Counter is a small application that helps to count the number of clicks. If you perform many of monotonous work it help you to count number of actions. This is a time synchroniser that compares the time of your device with one of the 5 selectable servers.

Tier 1 servers are the most accurate: the exact time is taken from either the atomic clock reference Japanese or from a GPS source Russian and American. For ethical reasons, please do not use tier 1 servers for auto-synchronisation of mobile and desktop devices in order to avoid overload of the former! For normal auto-synchronisation, it's enough to use tier 2 servers. Nokia Car Mode reduces driver distraction through the inclusion of applications that have been designed for in-car use, like making calls, navigating, and listening to music.

Enter your car, plug the phone into a MirrorLink compatible USB infotainment, and enjoy these apps on the in-car display. The Nokia Energy Profiler is an application that enables developers and device users to examine power consumption and several other parameters on Nokia devices.

The reporting provided by the Nokia Energy Profiler enables developers to identify and improve application functions that consume excessive amounts of power and thus to create higher-quality applications. Users can check which applications don't power efficient and limit the standby time of their devices. PerfMon is an application for our Nokia, with which we can monitor the performance of our device through various parameters. We can also see real-time monitoring in graphical mode, selecting the parameters needed to be observed.

Place virtual sticky notes everywhere on your phone screen. Sticky notes can be placed as overlays on arbitrary applications. Additional features: autostart, different colours and line sizes. It offers desktop quality for reading without any conversion and optimised for touchscreen devices. With OBDScope the data can be monitored in real-time and it can be logged to a file for further analysis. Key features include fault diagnostics, real time gauges and data logging.

This program for manipulations with TAR archives has a rich menu of settings. It can both pack and unpack archives. When packing, it is also possible to create a compressed archive as well as to pack any files and folders. Opera Mini looks great and gives you quick access to all of your favourite sites. Keep up with the latest news, sports, and entertainment on the Smart Page. Synchronise your bookmarks and Speed Dial entries with Opera Link.

Opera Mini gives you faster web for free. The premium web experience for rich, interactive content on mobile devices. A web browser ideal for fast network connections on your mobile such as Wi-Fi or 3G. Opera Mobile is smooth, speedy, and it makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more fun and efficient than ever.

Opera Mobile is the ultimate browser when connected over Wi-Fi or wireless broadband. Panorama Assistant helps you to create great high-resolution photo panoramas by using sensors to perfectly align each shot. It is also possible to calculate panorama rotations or use the app as an attachment for external e. DSLR cameras.

Note: Panorama Assistant does not stitch panoramas but it assists in shooting perfect source images for panoramas which can then be fused into high resolution panoramas using your favourite software! Panorama Calculator calculates horizontal and vertical rotations for panoramas. Periodic Table lists the properties of the chemical elements. Click on an element to display the properties, name origin and electron shell diagram. Properties displayed include: atomic weight, density, melting point, boiling point, specific heat, electron configuration, electrons per shell. Phone Commander a.

Twin Files is a file manager application with dual-panel display for convenient transfers between two independent file listings. Supported functions include file copy, move, delete, rename, send, ZIP listing, detailed file, folder and drive information, attribute editing, and more. Besides full touch screen operation, keyboard shortcuts are provided for most commands.

Turn your phone into a fully featured LED flashlight which can be controlled with the camera key. Both, the flash's LEDs and the screen's backlight are used as light sources. Other features are: an autostart function, different screen colours and brightness, and Morse codes e. Limitations: the N8 has a Xenon flash which must not run for long time. Lens distortions are especially visible on aerial photography where straight lines, such as the horizon, show significant curvature.

Photo Pixelizer allows you to easily share pictures with sensitive details, such as faces, unwanted advertising, etc. Sensitive areas can be covered with solid colour or a professional looking pixelized effect full resolution supported. The "anonymized" pictures can be just saved to the gallery. Use PhotoStamper to mark your photos with date, time, filename, and other text stamps.

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PureFix also known as PhotProc is a photo editing application, written in Qt. It's especially designed for the PureView smartphone; however, it works with other Nokia smartphones too. It lets you edit photographs up to very high resolutions. The editing tools are primarily aimed at amateur photographers, such as filtering for different light levels, colours, etc.

Though you can't do things like paint on top of photographs or combine 2 photographs together. This application is slow in processing, but it's very stable. Just install it and skip registration as the service is down, registration is useless. Please note: the app installs only on drive C.

RAMblow is a memory and app manager utility that keeps your phone at top performance. Do you encounter Memory Full error messages? Having difficulty when starting up large applications? Does your phone slow down? Do you need to reboot your phone daily? RAMblow helps solving all these problems by its unique, automated and manual memory cleanup functions. A truly essential add-on for your Nokia phone! And there's a built-in File Manager with thumbnail view, bookmarks for folders, and wireless file synchronisation between PC and mobile. The File Manager can run in java supported browsers as applet and can run in new window with Java Web Start.

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No more fiddling around with the hardware key - now you can easily reboot your Nokia mobile phone with a touch button. Create a cool ice effect making your phone's screen look like a frozen window. You can remove the ice with your fingers and export the generated image e. An excellent screenshot program created by Nokia Corporation and designed for developers.

It is one of the most reliable and fast screenshot applications available. Though it is impossible to assign any desirable key, the entire list has all the necessary keys and their combinations that will make taking screenshots quite convenient on any device. Apply effects such as old film, vignetting, mirror, colour separation, blur, fake tilt-shift, night vision, and many more to the camera live preview, capture shots limited to approximately x pixels due to hardware restrictions.

Silent Film Director lets you create silent and vintage films. It also provides basic video editing options, like choosing post-processing filter 20's movie, 60's and 70's home video, Black and White, Sepia and Vintage Sepia , customise video quality, pick soundtrack and customise video speed. You can record video from inside the app or pick already saved video file. After creating a video, you can share it via Email, as well as to save the resulting video to camera roll.

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Fix allows using F memory. SmartGET is an easy-to-use and powerful download manager designed to fix all the problems you might have when downloading content from the Internet on your phone, thus being a must-have utility for those who want to avoid limitations of the default web browser. SmartGET supports simultaneous downloading of up to 5 multiple files. Furthermore, this download manager allows you to resume failed downloads due to network errors and contains a few really handy features like scheduled downloads or progress bars. It definitely improves download experience by offering clipboard links interception and giving you quick access to the most useful features over many customisable hotkeys.

Loving that song? SoundHound is the fastest way to find and explore music. Just tap the orange button and sing, hum or hold your phone up to a speaker - and SoundHound names the tune! Already know the title or band name? Just use SoundHound's text search. Either way, SoundHound's music browser offers previews, videos and more. Split'n'Jointer is an application which has very fascinating functional: it is able to split and joint any, and I mean any, binary file!

Why can this come handy? Well, for example, transmission problems exist, but you can split a large file into several transportable parts of smaller size to be sent via Bluetooth or the Internet. A user who receives such parts will be able to joint these fragments back into one working file seamlessly. Thus, the resultant file will be one-to-one, up to every single byte, identical to the original file! Convenient, right? In principle, you can joint anything to anything, but the result is likely to be non-working and you cannot get your files back from that.

Based on the author's description, the program can work with fragments from 1 KB to 2 GB. Easily locate stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, nebulae, clusters, asterisms, meteor shower radiants. Just select an object and this app instantly shows you where it is in the sky. Turn in the direction and point the phone at the altitude shown so that both arrows turn green and there you have it!

Can't locate Mars? Not anymore. Also shows lots of useful astronomic data for each object. All you need to know about the sun and daylight. Calculate shadow length and angle. Use sun and shadow angle compass. Monitor when the sun gets above and below selected altitude. Get real-time astronomical data of the sun. System graphics are stored in MIF files.

On a PC you can convert them via free tools, but this tool provides a way to do this directly on your phone: you can convert single files or folders. The award-winning Swiss Manager is an essential software toolbox for the advanced user. Swiss Manager contains three applications built into one compact package: app manager, system information, and file manager. Features include: floating status icon with time and memory display, management of running programs, memory optimisation, file manipulation, detailed info on phone features, and much more.

Use your computer's built-in browser to access your device by typing the address and port number into the browser, e. SymTorrent is a BitTorrent client for Nokia. It supports downloading multiple torrents at the same time and can save the status of your unfinished torrents, so you can resume the downloads after restarting the application.

If a torrent contains multiple files, you can select which files you want to download. SymTorrent does not come with a torrent search engine. You can load saved torrent files from the flash storage or use your browser to get them from the Internet. Task Manager is a tool software. Features: First - task management, task list view, end task, switch task.

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Second - process management, process list view, end process, view the process details and so on. Time Chime is an advanced clock application that plays audible signals at specified times. It emits sound notifications at regular, customisable intervals. You can select from predefined sounds like beep effects and bird songs , or use your own sound files. You can also make the phone vibrate, or even instruct the program to spell the current time via speech synthesiser. It also provides make directory, remove and rename actions. Version No: though this installation will state a different version No, the developer refers to this app as v.

Create movies and impress your friends with your cinematography skills! VideoPro lets you make movies from stills and videos. Add them to your project, apply effects such as Ken Burns and Glamour, insert amazing transitions and top it off with stunning built-in special effect filters. With Virtual Keyboard your touch screen Nokia phone becomes compatible with lots of S60v3 applications that normally couldn't be used without physical buttons. Watermark your images with text, timestamps, pictures, QR codes, and signatures. Watermark ships with different stamps including signatures of Einstein, Da Vinci, top secret, and other fun stamps.

Fonts, colour, and opacity can be modified. Scale, rotate, and move watermarks easily with touch gestures and save the final image full resolution supported directly to the photo gallery. Writer Touch is a full-featured text editor with undo, redo, text formatting alignment, colour, background colour, size, etc. It supports keyboard and handwriting input. Text, mathematical formulas, scores, etc. The final document can be exported as an image and, e. X-plore is a file manager for mobile devices, with a wide range of functions on the phone's file system. Y-Tasks is a great collection of system utilities that includes a task manager, file association editor, crash monitor, a font viewer, process and applications tasks viewing and killing, memory status monitoring and memory compression, as well as CPU usage monitoring.

The readable lists are generated in lines, and editing of suspected text strings can be done right away without much error in re-compiling the file after saving. Note: to make this software work on touch screen devices, use Virtual Keyboard. Also modded by Wind. Information: this is so-to-say a web interface, which reflects ca. The purpose of it is to save this premium and elite content permanently on alternate cloud for "fair use" and to attract more audience to use SIStore! The majority of the software provided was discontinued long time ago, and thus considered to be "dead".

Though, several programs are still being sold, please follow the links to buy them from the original developers! If you are a developer, and you think that your software appeared on this page by mistake, please let me know and I will erase it from here :. Here you can find a "gentleman's set" of premium and elite software for your Nokia phone with Delight Belle OS.

Adobe Reader v Download Adobe Reader LE v Anna Screensaver v1. AppsHider v1.