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He is a lightweight character meaning he can escape combos easier but dies quicker. Sonic has one of the best edge guarding games being able to gimp people with spring and get some easy forward airs. However sonic has a slow fall speed and speed acceleration. Though he has a fast air speed he does have a slow fall speed making it more difficult for him to land. Sonics combo also has been improved with the fact that forward air is actually a good move now. Easy 3. Most of Sonics moves come out pretty fast and have many uses. Let's start with his jabs and tilts. Jab: Sonic does 2 punches and then does a quick kick.

A good "get off me" move. Ftilt: Sonic does a quick donkey kick.

Fireball Spin Dash

This move has about 2 or 3 hitboxes. The first hitbox is the beginning of the move and the other 2 hitboxes are at the end of the move. This is a good punish move and oos out of shield option. Also a good kill move at higher percents. Dtilt: sonic does a quick sweep kick sending the opponent in about a 45 degree angle. A good combo starter for fair or even f tilt at low percents.

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Also a good oos option. Utilt: Sonic does a butterfly kick twice above him. This move got mega buffed being way faster and having a bigger hitbox than smash 4. This is a good move to use when you're trying to either mixup your attacks, or catch your opponents landing. It's a good juggling tool and good for starting combos. Nair: Sonic curls up into a ball and does a spindash in mid air. This is a good move to end combos with as it has a lot of knock back.

Uair: though its not as good as smash 4, it is still a good move. Has 2 hits, the start up and the ending. Also a good mixup and kill option off the top.

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Bair: Sonic does a quick kick behind him. This move is good in basically all situations except for juggling. In the recent patch 2. This move is really good for carrying people to the blast zone and can combo into itself.

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If used off stage this move can kill super early. Off stage this move is a beast. Dair: Unlike in smash 4, this move has a way easier to hit spike hitbox. The hitbox for spike is now active frame one of the move being out. Even if you dont hit the spike itll still send you at an angle where the opponent is in the air. Neutral special: Homing attack - a really fast move that can be safe on shield if used correctly. Based on how much you charge this, itll do more knock back and damage.

When you hit the opponent you'll bounce off of them towards the opposite direction of the way you're facing. So if you hit them backwards you'll bounce straight towards them. A good combo finisher. Also good for tech chases and approaching. Up special: Spring - This move sends Sonic straight upwards really high, where he can still air dodge or do an aerial. Because of direction air dodging, his recovery is way better. This move now lacks invincibility frames.

The spring itself has a hitbox making it optimal for gimping. Side special: Spindash - the bread and butter. This move is Sonic's main attack that will be doing all the combos and damage. Down special: Spin charge - unlike spindash, this move has multiple hits. This move is way better for combos. You have to mash the b button a few times to get it to fully charge. This move has so much range currently, being longer than luigi's grab!

It's kind of insane! Down smash: Sonic does the splits in both directions. Kills roughly around mid stage. Probably his best punish move when it comes to smash attacks.

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Up smash: Sonic jumps and rotates his body really fast. Kills at about and can reach the bottom platform of battlefield. Sonics neutral in this game is tricky. Like, he has a really good neutral and all that, but it's just complicated for good old sonic. Sonics playstyle in this game is passive aggressive.

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Not bait and punish like in smash 4, but aggressive. He need to be able to get those hits and combos in to win the neutral. Most of the time you're probably gonna be approaching using spindash or homing attack. Homing attack is good in the neutral as people dont expect it much, it's good for chipping damage, and it's good for catching peoples jumps. It's also a really good punish move. This is your go to when you're in a pickle or your opponent is projectile spamming.

Though dont use it too much as itll get predictable. You mainly want to send your opponent off stage when playing Sonic. Your main goal is to edge guard them or to over whelm them. Sonic can be an overwhelming character if you can play at a fast pace. In the neutral sonic is the one that decides the pace most of the time. If he wants a really fast paced game, sonic can have that. If he want a nice slow game sonic can have that. He controls the pace of the game its that in which the opponent has to react and adapt to.

You'll also want to be getting damage with spindash and charge. Those 2 moves give sonic a lot of damage. As well as using nair and a bunch of other aerials are good for his playstyle. However dont use dair in neutral. If you're going for the mixup up air is your best shot. You want to send them in the air and keep them there for as long as possible.

Punish air dodge or any other attempts to out range you with their dair with either a back air or forward air. Using forward air to edge guard is one of the best options to use as sonic as it can kill at very low percents. Sonic struggles with landing so think carefully about how you land. Get creative. Sonic struggles when it comes to killing. Mostly because his kill moves aren't that fast, and he dies easily.

Sometimes you need to get like a IQ play just to get a kill. So here's the main kill options. I'll mention some kill confirms in the combos section. It has so much range making it safe on shield and kills relatively early. Say at around at the ledge. Of course you need to go for some hard reads for this as it has a really slow startup.

But its range makes up for that. Down smash: This move is basically just a punish kill move. You can get it out of a spot dodge to avoid an attack while also being able to punish it. You're gonna want to use this move a lot more for neutral as it's really fast. Up smash: you're probably not gonna use this move that much, but when you're opponent uses their recovery and lands on one of the lower playforms then you can use this move to kill them.

You can also use this move to punish landing attempts. Don't even think about using it on shield as it is super unsafe. Also a good mixup move. Homing attack: This move is also a really good kill move. If fully charged this can not only deal a lot of shield damage, but itll also kill pretty early.

Just be sure to mix up the charge times so the opponent doesnt suspect it. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. Oh there are lots wrong with the physics, but for most time trials, I've been able to clear them easily through a combination of spindashing at the start of the level, drop dashing as much as possible, and going for the higher path. You have to keep aerial momentum in mind.

And yes, those are spindash specific shortcuts. There are no excuses for something like this being acceptable. Last edited by mdesaleah ; 22 Nov, pm. Originally posted by mdesaleah :.

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  5. Yeah I was going to say, there are instances in the Genesis games where you can spindash, and while charging the spindash, fall off a platform, and continue charging it then let go. That's nothing new. The beginning of Chemical Plant Zone I also ran into troubles with. Attempting to get that time challenge was.. I could not figure out how to consistently get to the top of the section after the half pipe until I stopped at the top of the ramp, spindashing at the very start, and let Sonic roll down.

    In other Sonic games, Sonic's roll form had a more consistent top speed, but here in Forces, it's a lot harder to reach. So spindashing and drop dashing through the start of the level won't be enough, you NEED to stop at the top of the ramp to spindash.

    Sonic Dash - Spin Dash From the Air

    It's not quite like other Sonic games of the past including Generations. Classic Sonic's physics are jank and they weren't in Generations either. Possibly something to do with Hedgehog Engine 2 or just weird programming choices? Maybe a little higher if that doesn't work. Also, there was an unlockable thing in Generations that let you stop on a dime, they need to toggle that feature "off. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 22 Nov, am.