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And what about the camera? As ever, Apple has the experience nailed down. The app is clean, shooting is fast and what you see in the preview is pretty much what you get. HDR performance has improved this year too. The best of Android claws ahead in a few areas, though. If the iPhone XS Max were the same price as its rivals, though, this would be an easy one to pick. Even the most demanding games run like an Olympian. The iPhone XS Max also earns extra cred for its fantastic speakers.

But their dynamic range beats the rest: deeper bass and clearer, crisper treble. Image all the people Apple nails the experience of using a smartphone camera. Mind you, this is also quite a big-feeling phone. It all just looks, well, right. Some parts are totally different, though. The back is now all glass, with a fingerprint-hiding soft. But this phone will get Android updates earlier than any other. And the camera? This year we get boosted contrast in daylight shots and smarter AI when using the digital zoom. And when using zoom or in low light, the Pixel 3 XL drops behind the best.

The notch is the big black elephant in the room. Hate all you want, but its 8MP cameras are responsible for the best selfies you can take with a phone right now. A Snapdragon processor and very loud stereo speakers mean the Pixel is great for games. The pure version of Android 9. Squeeze its sides and the Pixel 3 XL opens Google Assistant, letting you ask who the prime minister of Liechtenstein is without pressing a button.

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Adrian Hasler, by the way. It has the same camera setup, the same CPU, even the same mostly-matt glassy back. This phone comes across as less of an entertainment monster than its big sibling. Selfie-centred Bold move, Google. This phone has only one camera on the back, and tries to fill the rest in with smart software. Does it work? To an extent. The HDR approach is different too, maxing out contrast for bolder-looking images. However, the Pixel easily has the best selfie cameras, treating each hair like a precious family heirloom.

Guess what? That result comes from two sensors, not just software. Every phone seems to be made of metal and glass these days. The Pixel 3 XL is one of the few that feels genuinely different. Google slapped a soft-touch finish on the back that stops it becoming a fingerprint wasteland. It has the Big Mac fat stack of notches. Display quality has improved a lot since last year, with much less of a blue tint when you tilt the phone. The camera is great, but worse in most areas. That means something. This is also the. Sony has embraced curved glass like no-one else, mind.

The XZ3 is smooth as anything and,. Get bored and you could use it as a spirit level.

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Old Sony quirks, such as ugly camera processing, have been fixed, and the fps slow-mo shooting is fun to play with. And who thought putting the finger scanner that low was a good idea? Hoarse whisperer A Snapdragon guarantees smooth sailing in games and day-to-day use. The stereo speakers are the weakest on test and battery life is worse than that of the other Androids here. A killer feature for your killer apps. Almost no phones have a dedicated camera shutter button any more.

This one does, and it has a half-depress action to focus, just like a dedicated compact. Shoot to thrill Sony has wised up, ditching its old strategy of using the highest-resolution sensor it could get its hands on: this 19MP camera has the best performance in an Xperia to date.

Beautiful HDR images and improved processing get a thumbs-up. The other phones here outperform the XZ3 in bad lighting and it can take a moment to focus, while the picture degrades quickly when you start using the zoom — the curse of the single lens. The XZ3 is a slick and smooth player, with curvy glass around the back and a front face with Samsung-a-like curves at the sides. There are some annoying bits, mind. With a notch-free display and just a slight curve at the edges, the XZ3 feels comfortably conventional in this class of renegades. Speaking of which, with tones maxed, red can look bright rather than deep.

Not the best for showing off those pics. Notes are the most interesting phones Samsung makes, though. They have an S-Pen — a stylus that slots into the bottom of the phone. Give it a poke to make it pop out and you can start. This time the S-Pen also has Bluetooth, letting it work as a music controller or remote shutter button. As such it needs a battery, but it lasts around clicks and recharges when put back in the phone. Add better battery life than the Pixel or XZ3, and a camera that.

Samsung is also the only company here not to have chucked the headphone jack like a carton of off milk. There is a question of the look, though. Only a handful of titles apply, mind, and those outside the gamer elite are unlikely to notice. Conclusive proof that the world is coming to an end: this is the only smartphone here with a headphone jack.

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Samsung alone clings to sanity. The Samsung Exynos chipset just pulls past the other Androids here in benchmarks. But in real life? The S-Pen slots into the bottom of the handset and clicks into place. You can take notes on the lock screen or control the entire phone with this stylus. The A9 has four cameras on the back, to fit in zoom and ultra-wide sensors as well as a normal one and a depth cam. Dark motives Only the Huawei Mate 20 Pro can touch the Note9 for sheer flexibility when it comes to taking photos.

It snaps brighter, cleaner ultra-dark night images than the rest, the Auto HDR is superb and sharpness is terrific — well judged and never overdone. Zoom lenses really do work. Samsung is the king of phone OLEDs. But it has shared the wealth, and all the phones here bar the Pixel have a Samsung display. However, no other phone manages to pack the front with quite as much screen without using a notch. Haters, roll up. Samsung also earns extra points for fitting in a slot for the S-Pen. Those Samsung engineers really earn their pennies.

Where else can you get that? Hint: nowhere. An iPhone for iOS fans who still prefer smaller handsets As Apple never released the budget iPhone some were hoping for in , and ditched the SE, the XS is the smallest of its new models. Only two major areas have been upgraded. And Apple has upgraded the rear cameras too. HDR performance is better this time around, netting you richer photos that get closer to that of a well-edited shot taken with a good dedicated camera. Its 5. Battery life is the one thing that could put you off: the XS Max and Huawei Mate 20 Pro are designed to withstand a full day of solid.

The smaller size and a battery that turns its nose up at the hardcore crowd mean the iPhone XS is best for the lighter users out there. At 71mm wide, the iPhone XS is the easiest-to-handle handset here. The glass back enables wireless charging — and while Apple probably wants you to wait for its own AirPower pad, a normal Qi pad will also work. As with the bigger phone, it offers a great user experience, with superb HDR and impressive image quality in limited light.

And it really does make a massive difference that your photos come out looking pretty much identical to their previews. All of this adds up to a fine photographic arsenal, but the Huawei and Samsung perform slightly better at extreme zoom and in very low light. Is this an iPhone X? The XS looks just like its predecessor, with just a few little tweaks. The XS comes in gold, grey and silver. In this crowd the smaller 5. The A11 Bionic processor should stay the course too. So, how can you improve on perfection? The list of features just keeps going.

Not only does it have wireless charging, but you can charge other phones with its mAh battery just by holding them together rubber band recommended. And, not content with a normal camera, the Mate 20 Pro has a 3x zoom and an ultra-wide lens… plus a new version of the brilliant AI-assisted night mode that made the Huawei P20 Pro so special. This is the most tech-packed phone in the world. But is it good?

Oh, it sure is. Night and zoomed images are the best on test and the battery outlasts every other Android here. Alright, many people may not be willing to spend this much on a Huawei. But this is what a crazy-pricey Android phone should be about: cutting-edge features. Gotta love Huawei. This is the only phone on test with an IR blaster, letting it work as a universal remote. We all wanted one of those 10 years ago. It gives the Pro the best chops for extreme environments.

Ultra-dark shooting? It wins. Another Huawei victory. Shoot a pretty landscape on a sunny day and you may prefer the iPhone or Pixel photos, but this phone lets you push at the limits of phone camera capability more than any other. Despite the 6. This a fantastic-looking mobile with the same breed of all-screen front as the iPhone XS Max. But the Mate 20 Pro frankly makes the rest look a bit lazy.

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Is it the best at absolutely everything? The big iPhone is better for gaming. And, well, the Sony Xperia XZ3 is a lot cheaper. But the Mate 20 Pro wins at a canter. Just how on earth did they fit it all in a handset barely wider than an iPhone XS? Sony WHMX3 Yes, we wish the Mate could be a better friend to wired headphones, but these Bluetooth cans offer fantastic customisable sound quality… and noise-cancellation that beats Bose.

You can expect screens that fill up even more of the front, leaving almost no blank space at all. This could make your downloads more than 10x as fast. One day, though…. Huawei Mate 20 Pro What it lacks in kudos it more than makes up for with great cameras, an immense battery and a slick design. Our flagship smartphone champ.

A gorgeous screen, stunning cameras and gaming nirvana can be yours if you have the readies. But if you can get past that and want a slice of Android Pie before anyone else, get the 3 XL. Its exercises are like Guitar Hero turned on its side, as you time your efforts to match coloured blocks and dots scrolling across the screen. If you fancy something a mite more conventional, try Fender Play see p33 instead.

From tentative strummers to professional Hendrix impersonators, we can all improve our plank-spanking with judicious use of these rocking apps. Trying to figure out the chords in an obscure indie B-side that you want to cover? But they cost a fortune, weigh an absolute ton, and result in cable-spaghetti. So just use this app instead, with handy presets, custom setups, a built-in looper, and a live mode for those real, sweaty gigs.

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Beginners can strum smart guitars, and old hands can plug in a real one before smashing their eardrums with a range of superb-sounding amps and pedals. Editing is non-destructive — handy in case an ill-advised edit suddenly creates a musical disaster worse than Agadoo. Pre-order your drone at wex. The question is, will the Series 4 find its way onto yours? With Series 4, Apple has made many improvements to the design, while adding a few features that set it apart from.

As a result, the latest Watch changes everything: it is, by quite some distance, the best wearable on the market. The physical redesign extends to a larger display, a thinner form factor and new faces that display much more information than before. There are some serious feature improvements as well, including a bigger internal speaker for calls, fall detection and emergency SOS, and an upcoming electrocardiogram.

And the improved processor speed results in the best, easiest implementation of Siri yet. Health features are what really set the Watch Series 4 apart. But the speaker in the Series 4 is fine for holding phone calls — and this has become our preferred way of using Siri. Just raise your wrist and talk. So on the new default watch screen, information fills every corner… and yet we still found it to be responsive even when touching the very edge of the face. We had some trouble connecting our cellular version of the Watch to EE, but ultimately we found it to perform well phone-free.

Unfortunately, battery life is still an issue — take a phone call over cellular and you can wipe it out in just over an hour. With the Series 4, Apple has rounded off the corners of the display, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing. But the 44mm model looks big on skinny wrists. Tech specs Screen 1. Some of the best features of the Series 4 are also available on earlier models thanks to watchOS 5; the new Podcasts app allows you to download episodes to your Watch to take on a run round the park.

This Apple Watch is truly obsessed with getting you fitter. Your friends can also invite you to fitness challenges. Note that this overrides any silent settings you may have enabled. Series 4 feels like the moment where Apple got the Watch right. Why settle for one watch when you can have hundreds in a single device?

Sony has fitted the face and strap of its fashion-focused 43mm wearable with E Ink. Press a button and it cycles through an assortment of chic designs. Waterproof to 50m, it runs Google Wear OS and downloads its own colour maps. Extend Mode boosts the hour battery life to three days. The first luxury timepiece to use the Snapdragron Wear chipset runs on time-only mode for an entire week, according to Montblanc.

Suunto 9 This is a 50mm GPS watch for sports nuts craving pure performance. If you make a purchase, we may get a small commission. The shell is made of transparent resin rings with chrome accents. Dualit 1. Breville Impressions 1. Best of all, it lights up blue on the inside. It lets you use your phone to boil it remotely and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can even sync the boiling time to your alarm, so you can roll out of bed to an already-steaming kettle.

It also serves as a standard water-boiler, with touch controls on the base. Would anyone like a nice cup of tea? Heather Wald channels the spirit of Mrs Doyle from Father Ted and invites you to water-boiling wonderland…. And if the look of this kettle is enough to bring your heart to boiling point, just wait till you see the array of tasty colour options.

Sony announces mid-range Xperia E dual SIM phone

Some leaves are more delicate than others. But is that enough to make the Hero7 Black a must-have companion for would-be extreme sportspeople and vloggers, as well as regular Joes and Joannes who just want to record themselves riding down to Aldi for some cheese? Controls will be familiar to users of the previous couple of Heroes: a one-touch button up top stops and starts videos and timelapses, or takes still photos, while a button on the side powers the camera up or down and flips between the shooting modes.

Tech specs Video 4K 60fps, 2. So you may want to invest in a spare or two. The Hero6 Black was a great action cam… and the footage from the Hero7 Black is every bit as good. With rich colours, a wide dynamic range, responsive auto exposure, smooth slow-mo and decent low-light performance, this is a camera you can use without having to put much forethought into it. HyperSmooth is a genuine game-changer. Purely electronic, this image stabilisation tech does an incredible job of removing signs of motion.

Footage is stable and judder-free, even when cycling over rough terrain. The camera supports RAW stills and Protune video. Other new tricks include TimeWarp an especially stable timelapse mode , SuperPhoto a stills mode with HDR, tone mapping and noise reduction and the ability to livestream your gnarly lifestyle to Facebook Live. This is basically the excellent Hero6 Black with a bunch of improvements added — the most useful being that HyperSmooth image stabilisation. Power play In our tests the battery lasted between six and eight hours with fairly heavy usage.

So you can watch videos and get visual answers to your queries using Alexa, all hands-free. During the setup, it tries to flog you a subscription to Amazon Prime. This takes a more visual approach to answering Alexa queries. Ask for the weather, for example, and as well as reading out the forecast it will show you graphics. The Silk browser can be slow, though — and it uses Bing as the default search engine.

Tech specs Screen 8in x touchscreen Processor 1. Clip the tablet into the back case, slotting the connector into its microUSB port. There are far more advanced tablets out there with sharper screens, fancier design flourishes and more capable cameras. But they also cost a lot more. The aluminium buds look and feel better-made as well. This is the only difference between these and the standard E11s. The buttons either side of it increase and decrease volume. The 1. The remote housing is metal but all three buttons sit underneath a single piece of rubber, with a tiny raised bump to indicate where the middle is.

Well, unless you lose them, of course. Again there are some features here that are not new to the mirrorless world but are likely to be welcomed by Nikon users who have waited so long for the company to come up with the goods — silent shooting and image preview being the biggies. And as with the Canon, a lens adaptor FTZ is included in the price. Image quality is again superb, with a super-high-resolution sensor giving you lots of cropping options.

And this is another superb electronic viewfinder. Sort of makes up for not having a joystick… well, nearly. O One of the main benefits of mirrorless cameras over DSLRs is being able to use the viewfinder for all kinds of helpful functions. But charging via USB is also possible for quick blasts of power on the go. But if you want to organise your tasks, create some lists. You can refine your setup further by dragging one list onto another to group them in a folder. Wunderlist will also make smart lists based on due dates and starred items.

To manually assign dates and reminders, use the calendar. Or you can add items when already viewing a list. Wunderlist lets you have it. Tap a task and you can add subtasks, which can be rearranged by. Welcome site Should your smartphone conk out and your tablet follow suit, you can still get at all of your Wunderlist content by logging in at wunderlist. Note that starred stuff is by default placed at the top.

But tagging can also be used as a means to create custom priority levels. Place 1, 2, 3 and so on at the start of your to-dos, then sort alphabetically. Still, not a bad choice if you want something simple. It replaces the generic icon and makes picking out lists much easier. Some tasks are just too good to keep to yourself — such as, erm, grocery shopping. Need to get a list to someone but not keen on full-on sharing? Avoid doing this with your Starred list — that can do weird things. Try printing the list. Every task within Wunderlist enables you to add a comment although doing so on solo tasks might mark you out as a little bit strange.

In shared lists this can be a great way to clarify collaborations, or entertain others with ASCII art. If the day ever comes when owner Microsoft shuts down Wunderlist, you can grab your data at export. The zip file you get includes everything from lists you own, such as tasks, notes and files. Neatly, everything even works as a little offline website. Although you always get that satisfying little buzz in your brain when you check a task off a list, that might not be enough. Should you need extra encouragement to actually get things done, Habitca turns your to-dos into a tiny role-playing game.

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You can pay later with the argos card. Representative Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products. Looking to get a new phone and pay monthly with a SIM only deal? Often working out as the cheaper option, more and more people are choosing to buy a SIM free phone outright and pay a much smaller monthly bill for their SIM card. This also allows people the flexibility of buying a new phone whenever they like and move between networks and rates as their SIM deal allows them.

In terms of brands, Android users have the luxury of choice. The devices of two notable Asian companies, Samsung and Huawei, are hugely popular options. Amongst Huawei phones are the Huawei P Smart, ideal for those after great value and, for top-end phone enthusiasts, the Huawei P20 and P30 ranges. The range Samsung phones is vast, with the Samsung Galaxy S10 as their latest offering. Amongst many improvements, this has an increased battery life and introduces PowerShare, allowing you to take charge from another device.

The Sony Xperia is a popular option for those looking for a mid-range device. It is a little confusing as the picture shows the plugs and cable, so not sure what the item is I would be grateful if this could clarified as I need the plug. Is this compatible with Bush Spira D5 5. Can this be used with the Linx Hi Ann, I have looked into this for you and I can confirm that the lead length is 99cm.

Will this charge a Samsung galaxy note 3 phone. Will this work on a samsung galaxy a6 tablet please. Can I use this item with a Bush spurs b3 tablet. Will this work with a Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet? Will this charge a maginon z camera. Hi Katie, I've had a look for you and this will charge a Maginon z Will this charge a later model Samsung A3?

Will this charge a Samsung s8. This only charges micro USB connections. Is it compatible with Google Pixel 2? Hi, This is compatible with all micro USB handsets. Will this charge a Sony music cube? Will this charger work with a Lumio folding light. Hi Mick Please refer to the lumio folding light instruction manual for compatibility. Is this compatible with the bush spira b2 tablet? Does this work with Sony Xperia? Hi there, I can advise that if your Sony Xperia phone has a micro USB charging connection, then you can use this charger.

Hope that helps. Is this compatible with a Samsung S7 Galaxy Edge? Is this compatible with the Samsung J3 phone? Hi Yes, this charger is compatible with the Samsung J3 mobile phone. Does this work with the samsung A5 phone.

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Hello littlecandle91, After looking into your query in regards this charge, I can confirm that you can use this for your Samsung A5 phone. Would this charge an iPad imini. Hi, No, as this has the wrong connection. Would this charge a Kindle Fire? Hi there, This would be fine to charge your Kindle. Is the flex permanently attached to mains plug, or a detachable large usb? Hi does this come with the wall plug or just the wire?

Hi there, I have looked into this and can advise that this will come with the wall plug also. Hello, will this charge Samsung phones? Will this fit samsung A3 No it won't. It will fit both the and A3 handsets. Hi there, This will be fine to use with a Samsung A3. Will this work with my korg plugkey. Does this work with the LG g5? Hi there, I have looked into this and can advise that this charger is not suitable for use with a LG G5.

Hi will this work for a Samsung galaxy note 3. Will this work on Microsoft lumia ? Hi Lizi, I have looked into this and the uses lightning charge so this would not be compatible. What is the output amperage of this? Hi Soozie, The output amperage is 1Amp. Does with work with Samsung Galaxy A3 phone?

Hi Steph. Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note Does this charge a Huawei p10? Hi, I can confirm, hat this charger is compatible with all micro USB handsets. This will charge indeed Huawei p