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Try that first but if you still can't connect then contact Jabra Support. I found them to be extremely helpful when I was troubleshooting my connection problems. Yes No I need help See more questions like this: My phone won't turn on, charge up or reboot. My phone has full signal but won't ring out and how do I get the software update by air or free download If you are locked down because of non-payment then there is no way out.

Your only solutions are to use the WiFi for apps like Messenger and Skype to call people. CyanogenMod 7 was installed by the previous owner. When I push the power button to start, the phone only goes around with sign: Android CaynogenMod I tried hard reset with all buttons, but it is the same. What can I do? Version 14 is currently available so it will definitely be an upgrade for you!

There is no need to pay someone as the installer program makes it fairly easy. Yes No I need help I just got a little kernel Ver. On Samsung Ace just get little kernel ver mar9 when trying to reboot. I have tried: tried what was on your page. I think it was caused by: Son put lock on phone. Hard reset the device. Sometimes the process of a hard reset does not complete and you have to repeat the process.

In the future, remember your Google Account and keep your WiFi always connected just in case your son changes your password again. Yes No I need help How do I get to the second step? When I did the first step it just restarted, instead of taking me to the next step. Power off the device. Then remove the battery for a few minutes.


Once you reinsert the battery, hold down the Power and Home Buttons for 15 seconds. Otherwise, try the Kies method in the event your buttons are not responding. Yes No I need help If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. Categories : Software. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 73, times. Currently work as a database administrator for the government. Log In via Login Sign Up. Home Articles Community My Profile.

Article Edit Discuss. Home Tech Software. Yes No I need help. After turning your phone off, press and hold both the Power and Home key together. Release the held keys once the Android Recovery Screen appears. Use the buttons Volume up to move up, Volume down to move down, and the Home key to select.

Select "Yes" and your phone will be restored to default. After performing those steps, choose "Reboot now. Hard Reset Galaxy Ace. Common reason for doing a Hard Reset:. When you have forgotten the password or pattern to unlock the screen. When you encounter error messages. To clear space in the internal storage. When you have a corrupted operating system or files.

Plug your mobile phone, with a USB cable, into your computer where you have made a backup recently. Once your Samsung phone is connected to your computer go to "Start", and then "Computer". It looks your request is not related to PhoneCopy. We provide contacts backup, synchronization and transfer only. This is not technical support of your phone. I have deleted all my contact when I was setting my phone application manager so I have cleared the data from there, then all of my contact were gone, I want to get my contact back from my account so how can I do this.

Hi, there is Single directional synchronization feature in the android applicaton which can be used to synchronize contacts FROM server to Device. Hi copied contacts from my samsung device to iphone and merged both data from phone and server but after synchronization lost contacts on my iphone.

Hi, you can restore it to new phone. SIM card has limited memory. Hi I was using lg l7. I have backup data in my sd card. I bought new panasonic p How can i restore tgat lg data in new phone?? Format is. If you still have old LG i recommend you to make new backup. If you don't have it we can only recommend to search internet discussions if there is way to convert it for example to. My account has only 65 contacts saved on the phone copy server and hence have not exceeded the free account limit.

Recently i lost my old phone samsung galaxy s3 so today i tried to synchronize the contacts from phone copy server to a my new phone Motorolla Droid Razor But when I try syncronizing, it gives an error message "The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago". Please guide me in this regard. But you have more than thousand SMS stored on your account which is reason why your account exceeded number of data items. When you will delete SMS to keep it less than your account will be unlocked.

Sorry, we can't help you. If you made contact backup you can trasfer it to another phone. ANY help would be appreciated. YOU may email me also Hi, we expect your main computer is Windows PC. Then please follow our guide. Hi, My account has only contacts and hence have not exceeded the free account. But when I try syncronizing it gives an error message "The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago". Pls guide with the next steps. We found more than contacts on your account. Hi, on the android devices you can set visibility of each data source which contain contacts.

Please check if you have correctly set visibility of contacts. Hi, it is not related to PhoneCopy only.

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It is general settings of your android phone. It depends of your phone vendor. On each phone in the settings there is contact settings and there you can set which contacts will be visible. No, there is not a way to upload messages to iPhone at all. Iam using Hisense U and it does not display contact numbers nor contact list yet the numbers are stored on the sim card and iam able to access them on other phones.

This occurred lately as first I was able to access them. Please how can I do to solve this problem? Hi, is your request realted to PhoneCopy. We can help you with PhoneCopy but your phone was not synchronized to our service. Iam Using Asus Zenphone 4 with lolipop in that i cant find phone contact in phone sopy setting page kindly help me to solve the issue karthik. Google Play Store is saying that it is not compatible with the app. Hi, what android version you have installed? I am trying to syncronise the contacts from my Android device Samsung A3 but each time I try I get a warning stating that I have exceeded the amount of contacts and sync has been disabled.

I'm using the free version so can you please tell me why this is failing when I have less than the contacts allowed?


I can see successfull synchronization of your phone. Did you solve the issue? Did you select gmail account in the PhoneCopy application settings as database which has to be synchronized? I'm trying to get hotmail contacts from my computer to my samsung galaxy ace-4 lite. So what do I do? Hi, for import we support only VCF vCard0 format. Are you able to export contacts from hotmail to VCF? Then you can use PhoneCopy for Windows to upload it to server.

And what android version you have installed in your device? On my blackberry q10 phone copy finds 0 contacts. How do I make it find my contacts? Application can not see any contacts if they are stored in another account. If your contacts are stored in another account we recommend to import them to BlackBerry contacts account. Hi, Just upgraded to Premium and downloaded contacts to new android work phone. Want to give my old phone to my Personal Assistant, with the hope that if we both continue to synchronise and update BOTH phones to the account, we will they be able to maintain and update the SAME set of contacts.

Is this the case? Really hope so, and if so Phone Copy is even better than expected! Hello, as long as you both sync the phones against the same account, the contacts will be synchronized. The system is also able to handle collisions - changes of the same contact from both phones. You can easily review all changes on PhoneCopy website. As premium user, you can show all changes of each contact look for the clock icon on contact edit screen.

Using that, users are able to assign only part of their data to the other phone e.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Manual / User Guide

How can i restore my sms. I have got my contacts back up thru phonecopy but i cann't restore my sms. Can you help me to get it. Hi, did you have internet connection? Can you send us screen shot to be able analyze what is the problem? I want to copy my contacts from sim to my mobile Huwaei g phone copy application not shown any option of sim card contacts transfer.

PhoneCopy can work with contacts which are accessible from phone interface. In most phones there is internal feature allowing to copy contacts from SIM to phone. Hi, if you can't download PhoneCopy from Google Play, try direct link from our web site. Last synchronization was made two days ago which included both contacts and SMS. Hi I have done backup and synchronize all my contacts If you made backup to PhoneCopy you can restore it but we didn't find any contacts stored in your online profile. Can I do it without wiping the contacts on the Android?

In the app I did a combine both, only to find that the server contacts were deleted afterwards! I did an undelete so at least that worked Anybody? Hi, Combine both shoudl keep contacts from both data sources. I recommend yout Combine Both to get contacts from the server to new phone along with keeping already saved contacts in the phone. Well, thats what I had tried. In the app it wanted me to go through one of 3 routes-gmail, Sansung or SMS.

I don't know if it makes a difference? Another interesting thing was, afterwards using the the old phone I transferred the contacts using bluetooth to the Samsung. It transferred ok but now Gmail on the Samsung can',t see any emails in any of its folders. I'm sure if I delete the Gmail account and reinstall it that a lot of my contacts will disappear again! Hello, the app gives you choices to decide which contact database you want to sync the contacts with.

Samsung is the local contacts recommended , while Gmail is the contacts storage used by Gmail app and it may interfere with PhoneCopy synchronizations. Hi thanks Just a recommendation- maybe you should highlight the recommended one in the app logon page, it might save a few support calls! HI, if i delete delete my messages in my phone after first synchronization, and again i synchronize after one day then my first synchronized messages will be gone from phoneCopy server Is it true? You will find it under Deleted Messages button and you can restore it to active messsages list.

In case you are Premium user you will get it synchronized back to your phone then. I have a phone "Huawey Ascend Y" and I have not found in the list of compatible phones. The phone has 2 Sim. There is a similar phone? How can I fix the problem? Hello, after synchronizing I find phonecopy has imported all the contacts from my gmail account, even those who consist only of an email address captured automatically by gmail, those which appear under 'Other contacts' in gmail Contacts.

I would like to get rid of those, i. Any way to do that? Hello, when you synchronize with some account, all contacts from it will be transfered. In your case it was Google account, which is adding those email addresses as contacts. If you delete them, Google account will create them again. We recommend you to use your local phone account instead of Google account for storing your contacts - if it is possible. Please help me I forgot my backup and restore password. Please use Lost Password link from home page. You can use PhoneCopy app to backup contacts and SMS, then you can delete PhoneCopy app and you will have data accessible via online profile on www.

But feel your request as privacy problem. Think about it. Is phonecopy available on playstore? Please tell me procedure.. Yes it is free application. You can use it for free until contacts and sms stored in the profile. Even you will exceed it you can use it 7 days as trial. Here is tutorial describing synchronization contacts include SMS.

Hi phone copy shows 0 contacts when I have over in my phone. What's the solution? Please check if you set correct contact database to synchronize it. Android has several contact databases and you can select which one you want to synchronize to PhoneCopy. Hi, I've phonecopy on my phone, but only the contacts are added not the sms, please tell me how to add the sms also. I really need them bipashaa. If you look to synchronize SMS from server to device you need to buy Premium version.

Hi I'm done with backup. Now i have no idea how to restore my contacts and sms in HTC explorer Ae. Just download PhoneCopy application from Google Play and log it as exiting user to it. Press synchronized and you will get contacts synchronized to your phone. Thank u. But i tried this one before. It again synchronize my current contacts and sms to phonecopy account.

Directly from Google Play or from our page android. Can i restore this back up into my phone again? Hello, according to our records, you have never backed up any data to this PhoneCopy account. Hello, there is no setting needed. Just download our app from Google Play store. Please, I have Nokia x, I have been using Phonecopy for sometime on it. Hello, we slightly changed the login screen in recent version of our application.

Now you have to check at least one local contact database to sync the contacts with. The most common choice is "Local Contacts" or simply "contacts". If you do not see anything on the login screen, try to create one contact in the phone choose the proper database and repeat the login process.

Sometimes app cannot detect empty contact database. Then you will be able to synchronize other contact databases as well. Sorry, exact name of the account is Advanced and Account. I accidentally said "yes" when phone copy asked me if I wanted to synch my SMS. I don't want to delete them from my phone but they send me over the limit for phonecopy Then you can delete SMS from the server to fit limits. I have been into account settings Would it be somewhere else?

I looked under each and see nothing Sorry, you have to user Account and Settings button in the android application. I recently "upgraded" to the latest version 2. It seems to be trying to recreaate every text and contact every time I sync instead of just updating the ones that have changed. This is not really an acceptable performance degradation. Please advise. Hello, the thing you describe is "slow sync".

This type of sync occurs only after login to app, it transfers all contacts and sms from phone and server and merges them. Because it transfers all items it takes a longer time.

Galaxy Ace Review, Manual & Specs

Next time, after the "slow sync" will be "fast sync" and it transfers only changes from phone or server, therefore it is faster then the previous one. This behavior is the same as in previous versions of PhoneCopy. We know that your last five synchronizations were "slow sync". But unfortunately, since you are the first user who this issue reports, currently we don't know the reason. We tested it, but for us it works on all devices. First time sync will be "slow sync" and another one should be already "fast sync". If your issue persists or not, please, send us your feedback. I accidently erased all contacts, I somehow also synced that to phonecopy So I have lost all contacts.

How can I restore them from say.. Just select all the contacts you want to restore. You can use the check-box in the upper-left corner of the list to change selection of all displayed contacts, also clicking with Shift or Ctrl works as expected. Then press Restore button. Once all contacts are restored, sync your phone and they will be transferred back to the phone.

I Wonder if i Upgrade to Premium, will that restore deleted and sendt sms before 30 days? All sms stored in your account will be uploaded back to phone. Forgot to say that after Upgrade, i only get error Message, and i se that there is 2 acounts With sms.

The problem that occurred was caused by the version PhoneCopy that you are currently using. The actual stable version 2. We have prepared a new beta version 2. Then synchronize. Can you see which date i installed this program, and is it anything else i must du to find sms sendt and deleted? I hope you can assist me in this regard. When I activated my Samsung account the first time all my contact numbers and BBM aswell Whatsapp contact numbers appeard on my phone.

Note that this is new phone aswell new Sim card so this was really great! But then I gave my Samsung in for a Software update and everthing was deleted. Now that i have the phone back i have lost all my contacts. How do i get them back. Please help We didn't find any phone synchronized to your profile.

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Can you explain how you used PhoneCopy before? I haven't used Phone Copy before. I need your assistance. When Iwanted to synchronized they couldn't pick up my brand. Thank you so much. I've now synchronized and would really love it if you could help by getting my contact numbers back. They say that when my phone was sent in for a swoftware update that they haven'tmade a back up of my. Do u support CalDAV? Not yet. I have the whole back up of the list in sync.

Uploading messages from PhoneCopy. Hi in your profile there are not any deleted contacts. We found only active contacts list. I can se active and 0 deleted contacts only. Task In Idle mode, open the application list and select manager Select an image. Save or Set wallpaper. Select Samsung is not responsible for any use of default images or wallpapers provided on your device.

Getting started Page Enter Text Find my mobile feature will automatically send the contact number to specified recipients to help you locate and recover your device. To use this feature, you need a Samsung account for controlling the device from the web remotely. Page 35 You can also use the following keys: Number Function Change case. Access the keypad settings tap and hold. Change the input language. Clear your input. Start a new line. Enter text by voice.

This feature may be unavailable depending on the selected input language. Enter text by selecting alphanumeric keys or writing on the screen. Place the cursor on the text you want to copy. Select Select word or Select all to select the text you Select want. Play Shop provides you an easy and quick way to shop for games and mobile applications. Page Download Files From The Web Download files from the web When you download files or web applications from the web, your device saves them in a memory card.

Files you download from the web can include viruses that will damage your device. To lessen your risk, only download files from sources you trust. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account setup. Page Communication Communication Calling Learn to use calling functions, such as making and answering calls, using options available during a call or customising and using call-related features. When the device is ringing, press the Volume key to mute the ringtone. End call. To end the call, select Reject a call When a call comes in, drag outside of the large circle.

To place a call on hold, select. Set auto rejection Use auto rejection to reject calls from certain numbers automatically. To activate auto rejection and create auto reject lists, Settings In Idle mode, open the application list and select Page View Call Logs Select a call barring option. Enter a call barring password and select Your setting will be sent to the network.

Set call waiting Call waiting is a network feature to alert you of an incoming call while you are on a previous call. This feature is available only for voice calls. You may incur additional charges for sending or receiving messages while outside your home service area. For details, contact your service provider. To access your voice mail inbox and listen to voice mail messages, Phone In Idle mode, open the application list and select Keypad and then tap and hold 1.

Page View Email Messages Compose. To add more recipients, press [ Enter a subject and message. Select to send the message. You can sort messages by label filter. Add a label to a message From the Inbox screen, tap and hold a message. Change labels. Select Add recipients of your message. In Idle mode, open the application list and select Select a friend from the friend list. The chat screen opens. You can create groups to share interests and thoughts or send and receive instant messages, and upload your photos.

If you are launching this application for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account setup. Page Entertainment Entertainment Camera Learn how to capture and view photos and videos. You can take photos at resolutions up to x pixels 5 megapixels and videos at resolutions up to x pixels. Page 58 Number Function Use camera shortcuts. Check the camera status.

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Rename : Rename a photo file. Camera In Idle mode, open the application list and select to turn on the camera. Switch between the front and rear camera Self portrait lenses. Change the flash setting; You can manually turn the flash on or off, or set Flash the camera to automatically use the flash Page 63 Option Function Metering Select a type of exposure metre.

Automatically adjust contrast between Auto contrast your subject and background. Set the camera to alert you when people Blink detection close their eyes. Display the guidelines on the preview Guidelines screen. Image quality Set the quality level for your photos. Drag the slider to the camcorder to switch to the camcorder. Aim the lens at the subject and make any necessary adjustments. Page Customise Camcorder Settings Select to start recording.

Select to stop recording. The video is saved automatically. The camcorder may not be able to properly record videos to a memory card with a slow transfer speed. After recording videos, select the image viewer icon to view the recorded videos. Resolution Change the resolution option. Adjust the colour balance according to White balance lighting conditions.

Video quality Set the quality level for your videos. Page Video Player Video player Learn to use the video player to play various kinds of videos. The video player supports the following file formats: 3gp, mp4, avi, wmv, flv, mkv. Your device is compatible only with some Samsung printers. Edit : Edit a photo. Crop : Crop an image from a photo. Page Photo Editor Photo editor You can edit photos and apply various effects. Photo In Idle mode, open the application list and select editor. To take a new photo, select Capture picture. Page Music Player Add music files to your device Start by transferring files to your device or memory card: Download from the wireless web.

Activate the 5. Activate Shuffle mode. Change the repeat mode off, repeating a file, or repeating all files. Restart playback; Skip backward; Scan backward in a file tap and hold. During playback, press [ add the current song to the quick list. Page Music Hub Music Hub You can access the online music store, and search for and buy your favourite songs. This feature may be unavailable depending on your region or service provider. Music In Idle mode, open the application list and select Hub. If you are launching this application for the first time, select the check box next to Do not show for 90 days and select Confirm.

Search for an available radio station. Add the current radio station to the favourites list. Adjust the volume. Fine-tune the frequency. In Idle mode, open the application list and select radio. Select to turn on the FM radio.

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Scroll to the radio station you want. Select to add to the favourites list. Game Hub Learn to download social and premium games. Game Hub.