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The Java runtime would download missing dependencies automatically from a web server, similar to how Maven works. The most common dependencies could be bundled with the JRE installer, to make the first startup faster, but the JRE would work even without those things bundled. That would solve many problems related to version conflicts, backwards compatibility and such.

I would leave it to a Maven person to figure out a way to make something as simple as using Java with its standard libraries as complicated as dependency management with Maven.

Download appframework JAR file with all dependencies

I seriously don't see what kind of "version conflicts" or "backwards compatibility" problems you might be having that this would fix. If anything that seems like a recipe for version conflict disaster. Maybe I just like things to be easy. Right now the Java standard library has lots of deprecated and badly designed APIs which would be best removed. Yes I agree, the complexities surrounding backward compatibility have been abstracted from view for Jamie, who like most java developers can remain ignorant due Sun's efforts maintain platform compatibility by relying on the flexibility of Bytecode backward compatibility, allowing older bytecode to run on later JVM's.

Is your profile up-to-date? Please take a moment to review and update. Like Print Bookmarks. Sep 30, 2 min read by Charles Humble. Writing on his blog spec lead Alexander Potochkin said: "After much discussion it's become clear that the Swing Application Framework API as it is today hasn't reached consensus and we feel still needs further design work done.

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Jonathan Giles expressed his frustration at this on his blog: "We went from the original SAF project whose requests for help fell on deaf ears although admittedly there was not much visibly happening on Sun's side either to two actives forks. If we had offered our time back when it was still JSR we could have had this integrated into JDK 7, but because we waited for it to effectively die, we now have to most probably wait until JDK 8, if ever, before an app framework for Swing can be integrated into a Java release.

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Java Creed - Simple Java Database Swing Application - Part 02 - Create Project

The idea of that library comes from the needs to have easy-to-use high-level components to create full-featured, multi-OS and cross-platform Java applications. Of course, Java Swing provides all the foundations to create graphical softwares. However, the writing of a complete UI-based software requires large amount of code to setup frames, dialogue boxes, menus, persistent preferences, OS integration, etc.

Sanaware Java Docking Framework

The library comes with lots of features to save you time and concentrate your effort on the business logic of your software. You can have a look at this project to see how to use the library. Follow this link to read more about jGAF use. Source code of jGAF can be compiled using javac 1. We do not support anymore older JDK, since Oracle dropped down the support of Java releases previous to 8.

This project is fully maintained using Eclipse. So it can be easily imported into that IDE. Note: most of the JavaDoc has been written using releases of Java that enabled the lack of some tags that now seem required by recent doclets e. For that reason, some external codes have been directly included:.

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beansbinding from group org.jdesktop (version 1.2.1)

Using them as API library will not work.