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From an affluent Detroit area and daughter to a single mother Whitney Houston , she tries to balance a new romance with music manager, Stix Derek Luke while dealing with the unexpected challenges her new life will bring as she and her two sisters Carmen Ejogo and Tika Sumpter strive to become a dynamic singing group during the Motown-era. There is nothing for free yes but there is only so much you would receive for free after you sign up for downloads. This is a onetime fee payment and yet quality and Sparklety is never compromised. There is no annual fee You do not have to worry about recurring fee.

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Sparkle Camera 1. Sparkle Camera Tags Photography. Sparkle Camera Update on: Requires Android: Android 4. HAGO 2. Advanced Download Manager 7. Payback 2 2. Amazon India Online Shopping and Payments Naruto: Slugfest 1. A montage of the sisters performing " Jump " at different clubs is shown. Sister, Sparkle, and Dee sit in a dressing room as Stix and Levi come to congratulate them on their performance.

Levi hands Sister flowers, but Satin soon comes in giving Sister a ring which she accepts. Levi sees this gesture and becomes enraged and attempts to fight Satin, but is pulled away by Stix. Afterwards Levi confronts Stix about not sticking up for him during the fight with Satin. Emma invites her minister Reverend Bryce and friend Ms. Waters over for dinner after church, but the dinner is interrupted when Sister brings Satin whom she is now engaged to.

Satin makes insulting and rude remarks at the dinner and Emma makes her dislike for him known to everyone at the table. In response, Sister lashes out at Emma criticizing her for having her as a teen then forcing Sister to raise Sparkle and Dee as Emma was out getting drunk and trying to pursue a music career. Emma responds that Sister isn't telling the whole story, and tells her that if she leaves with Satin she is never to come back.

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Sister packs her bags and leaves with Satin. Dee, Sparkle, and a visibly high Sister rehearse for a performance at Satin and Sister's home, until Satin comes into the room and interrupts wanting Dee and Sparkle to leave. The girls are invited to open for Aretha Franklin on a television show and while Dee and Sparkle get ready, Sister walks in with a black eye and bruises. Sparkle and Dee realize that Satin has been beating Sister.

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Sparkle also notices that Sister has begun using cocaine. Sparkle, Sister and Dee perform " Something He Can Feel ", when Emma happens to wake up at home and catches a glimpse of their performance on television. She becomes both shocked and angry that her girls have been singing outside the church against her wishes. After their performance, Stix introduces the girls to Columbia Records executive Larry who offers to sign them as a group.

Dee and Sparkle try to get Sister to come home with them and leave Satin, but as they leave Sister spots Satin and goes back to him. At home Emma scolds Sparkle about her trying to pursue a career in the music industry, going as far as throwing a book which Sparkle has written song lyrics in the trash.


Emma gives Sparkle an ultimatum that if she wants to continue living with her she must give up pursuing a music career. Satin is performing at a club, but his jokes are ill-received. Levi, who is sitting in the audience with a new woman, begins to mock him, to which an angered and annoyed Satin tries to attack Levi.

Levi sees Sister walking out of the club and makes a remark to her. Satin and Sister run to Satin's car and drive home. At home Satin chases Sister through the home, beating her. Dee, Sparkle and Sister have a meeting with Columbia Records , Dee and Sparkle arrive and can't find Sister, but soon find her in a backroom beaten and looking for a cocaine fix. After hearing rumors that Sister is now an abused junkie, the rumors are confirmed when Stix, Larry, and Columbia executives find the sisters in the backroom and notice Sister beaten with cocaine in front of her. At Satin and Sister's home, Dee and Sparkle try to get Sister to leave and get help for her cocaine problem, but Satin shows up demanding Dee and Sparkle leave.

Dee, Sister, and Sparkle all jump on Satin fighting him.

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Dee strikes Satin in the back of the head with a fire iron as he attempts to hit Sparkle again. Sister orders Sparkle and Dee to leave the house. When the police arrive Sister is arrested and charged with manslaughter. As Sister's arrest makes newspaper headlines, Emma leads her church choir in a performance of " His Eye is on the Sparrow ". After church Emma arrives home to find Dee packing up to leave. Dee tells Emma that she was accepted to Meharry Medical College , and must leave at that moment in order to start research for scholarships which will pay for her schooling.

A proud Emma hugs Dee. Stix tries to get Sparkle to leave with him and get married.

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Sparkle however turns down Stix's proposal. Sparkle visits Sister in prison in which she tells that her and Stix broke up. Sister tells Sparkle not to visit her anymore as she doesn't want Sparkle to see her like that.

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Soon after Sparkle moves out of Emma's home renting her own apartment. Sparkle shows up at Columbia Records everyday until she gets a meeting with Larry. She convinces Larry to give her a shot, but she must first put on a musical showcase to seal the deal. Sparkle reaches out to Stix to help her set up her first solo concert. Sparkle goes back to her mother's home to invite her to see her show, but Emma seems uninterested. As Sparkle rehearses for her show Stix gives her a cupcake and a candy ring.